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Wolf & Pravato is an experienced law firm with Hollywood Accident Attorney’s who are ready to help serve if you or a loved one has been injured through the negligent actions (or inactions) of others. Many Florida personal injury cases are governed by a car accident statute of limitations that can limit when you may bring a car accident lawsuit forward. That is why it is so important to talk to a skilled attorney that can help you in a timely manner to review your car accident case and litigate it for you. If you are in the Hollywood, Florida, area, then you can visit our Fort Lauderdale office at 2101 W. Commercial Boulevard #1500 or call 954-633-8270 for a free consultation. You can also contact us with questions at info@wolfandpravato.com

When you hear the word “Hollywood” then you probably automatically start thinking about California and movie stars. But Hollywood, Florida, should also be on your radar as a beautiful location for relocation or relaxation. Hollywood has a population of about 140,000 residents and is located in Broward County, along with the more famous Spring Break destination of Fort Lauderdale. The city was actually named after its California counterpart in the hopes of bringing in movie studios and big name stars to film. Although that didn’t happen, it was previously named by Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 25 Large Cities in America to Do Business.

Most businesses operate on the up and up and do everything to make their customers happy and keep them safe. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this business strategy. Negligent business practices can include everything from failure to maintain a safe physical business site to producing a defective or faulty product that injures the public in some manner. The attorneys at Wolf & Pravato have experience in a variety of legal fields, including defective and dangerous products. They can help you recoup expenses including medical bills if you have been injured as a result of business negligence as well as receive reimbursement for your pain and suffering and potentially lost wages. We can not only try your case, but we are also skilled at negotiating out of court settlements that will help you receive the justice that you deserve.

Besides negligent business practices, Wolf & Pravato have litigated many successful cases involving negligent drivers. Florida has a twin problem when it comes to drivers that keeps it as one of the top states when it comes to car accidents. The first of these is the high number of retirees. Although most senior citizens are fully capable drivers, there are still some who continue to drive past the point that it is safe for them to do so. The other problem for Floridians is the high number of tourists in the state. With Florida’s beautiful beaches and theme parks, Florida is a large tourist destination, but many of those tourists do not know the area and can cause accidents looking for locations or spending too much time focusing on the GPS and not enough on the road. That’s why Wolf & Pravato also focus a great deal of their practice on helping injured parties to receive payments for damages from negligent drivers.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of negligence or misconduct, please do not hesitate to contact among the best attorneys in South Florida at Wolf & Pravato today to receive expert guidance about your legal options, as well as a free and confidential case evaluation.

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