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    Boynton Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

    If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall, a Boynton Beach slip and fall accident attorney from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can help you recover the compensation you deserve so you can get your life back. A slip and fall may sound innocuous, but it is a leading cause of severe bodily injury and even death, particularly among the elderly and young children.

    The slip and fall accident attorneys in Boynton Beach with the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato understands the pain you are going through, not to mention the financial stress, and we will do everything possible to take that stress off your shoulders so you can focus on recovering.

    At the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato, we give Boynton Beach slip and fall accident lawyer a good name by always putting our clients first. We prioritize communication and transparency, and you will never be left wondering what your attorney is doing or what is going on with your case.

    Our caring and dependable staff is always available and always eager to help you with anything you need. Our Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer offer a free case evaluation, and we never collect a fee until we recover money for you. To learn more, and to set up a free case evaluation with a member of our team, call us today at (954) 633-8270.

    Slip and Fall Accidents in Boynton Beach, Florida

    Falls can happen in many different ways, but the one thing they tend to have in common is that they are not just the fault of the injured party. Even if you believe your own carelessness caused you to get hurt, chances are very good that someone else’s actions or inactions were a contributing factor.

    Some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries include:

    • Wet or slippery floors
    • Cracked flooring or pavement
    • Uneven flooring or pavement
    • Unmarked obstacles on the floor
    • Loose or missing stairs
    • Loose or missing handrails
    • Poor lighting

    When you come in for your free case evaluation, a slip and fall accident lawyer in Boynton Beach from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato will sit down with you, discuss your injury and how it occurred, identify who the responsible party or parties likely are, and lay out a plan to file a claim and recover compensation. We will let you know all your legal options and what to expect in the days and weeks to come. To get started today, call us at (954) 633-8270.

    How We Hold Responsible Parties Liable

    In the case of most slip and fall injuries, the owner or manager of the property where the accident occurred is the primary liable party. In order to hold them accountable and recover compensation from them, our Boynton Beach slip and fall accident lawyer must prove several things in our case. They include:

    The Property Had a Dangerous or Defective Condition

    We must present evidence showing that the property had a dangerous or defective condition that led to your injury. We must show that the condition was present before you got hurt.

    The Owner or Manager Knew About the Condition

    We also have to show that the owner or manager of the property knew about the condition and did not do enough to fix the problem or at least try to protect you from it.

    You Were Injured Because of the Condition

    We then must show that the failure of the property owner or manager to protect you from a dangerous condition on the premises directly led to your slip and fall injury occurring.

    Our Boynton Beach Slip and fall Accident Attoreny Help You Recover the Compensation

    People injured in slip and fall accidents in Florida are eligible to recover a long list of damages, including compensation for both their economic losses (those involving actual financial loss) and their non economic losses (those not involving actual financial loss).

    Florida does not cap how much you can recover, so our Boynton Beach slip and fall accident attorneys aggressively pursue what we believe is the full value of your claim. We help you collect compensation for the following and more:

    The Statute of Limitations

    In Florida, injured parties typically have four years to take legal action, but this timeline may be longer or shorter depending on a number of factors unique to your case. Do not assume that you have until a certain date to file. Talk with a Florida slip and fall lawyer so that you can know for sure. If we need to, a slip and fall accident attorney in Boynton Beach from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can file a quick slip and fall lawsuit to keep your case from getting time-barred by an expiring statute of limitations.

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