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Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again When Staying in a Hotel


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    Hotel Negligence

    When you’re a hotel guest, especially if visiting a new or unknown area, there are some precautions you can take to help stay safe, both indoors and out. In the event that you are involved in an accident or a victim of a violent crime due to negligent security in a hotel, we’ll explain what you should do.

    Hotel Security Inside

    • Don’t answer the door without asking who it is. If the person claims to be a hotel employee, call the front desk to verify if they sent someone to your hotel room and the reason for the visit.
    • Keep your room key with you at all times. If you should lose it, immediately notify the front desk. If charging to your room, don’t say your room number loudly so strangers can hear.
    • Make sure all doors in your hotel room are locked, including any connecting room doors or sliding doors to the balcony.
    • Don’t invite any strangers to your room.
    • Place all valuables inside the safe deposit box located in your room and keep it locked.
    • Make sure you know exactly where the emergency exits are located in the hotel.
    • If you see any suspicious activity, notify a hotel staff member.
    • Never leave children unattended in a hotel room.
    • Don’t use hotel video arcades, pools or stores as baby sitters.
    • Avoid darkened hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms that are not in high-traffic areas.
    • Call the police and notify the hotel security of any criminal activity.

    Hotel Security Outside

    • Be aware and alert to predators in the parking lot — avoid distractions and big vans.
    • Return to the hotel lobby if you feel somebody is following you or acts suspiciously and notify a hotel staff member.
    • Don’t be afraid to scream or yell for help.
    • Men should keep a wallet in their front pocket, women should keep purses close to their body.
    • Keep baggage manageable and consolidate them into one bag if possible when leaving or entering the hotel.
    • When checking in drop off luggage at the hotel entrance and use the hotel baggage service. Don’t try to carry all your baggage in by yourself.
    • Parkas close as possible and in a well-lighted and monitored parking lot.
    • Get in your car quickly, lock the door and leave.

    Do you have a Hotel Security Negligence Case?

    Unfortunately, many hotel and motel operators cut corners on security, even if they know there is a potential for violence on their premises. Their negligence can result in hotel and motel guests becoming the victims of battery, strong-arm robbery, sexual assault, rape or even murder.

    1. If you have been hurt or injured while staying at a hotel, the first thing you must do is get to safety.
    2. Contact the police and report the incident, and seek immediate medical help if necessary.
    3. Next, contact the hotel staff and file an incident report.
    4. Consult a competent hotel negligent security attorney as soon as possible after the incident, so the lawyer can evaluate your case and determine if an investigation is warranted. Evidence of hotel negligence cases can quickly disappear.

    You could be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, psychological trauma, pain and suffering and more if it is shown that the hotel or motel operator was negligent in failing to provide adequate security.

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