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    Wrongful Death Lawyer in Boynton Beach, FL

    A wrongful death claim is meant to provide compensation to the families of those killed due to the negligent actions of others. When a loved one dies, families can be left with financial burdens due to medical and funeral costs, as well as lost income that their loved one would have provided. In addition, families can be left with the uncertainty of how to move forward without a family member. While no amount of money can bring back someone you love, no family should have to shoulder the financial burden due to the negligent actions of another. If you are the victims of wrongful death contact our Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyer.

    Wrongful death claims can arise following negligent, reckless, careless, or intentional acts by another person or business entity that rested in the death of a loved one. In Boynton Beach, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the victim’s survivors or by a representative for the family. The Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyers from the law offices of Wolf & Pravato can assist you in filing your lawsuit against the responsible party or parties in order to get your family the compensation they deserve.

    Negligent Party Responsible for the Wrongful Death in Boynton Beach

    The negligent party responsible for the death of your loved one may be sued for wrongful death in civil court as well as brought to stand trial in a Boynton Beach criminal court if it is determined that his or her actions were criminally negligent. Criminal prosecution and wrongful death lawsuits are not mutually exclusive. Additionally, the standard of proof in wrongful death claims is lower than that for a criminal case. It can be easier to win a wrongful death case than it is to get a conviction in a criminal case.

    Damages in Boynton Beach Wrongful Death Claims

    In a wrongful death lawsuit, a victim’s family can be awarded economic damages for financial losses as a result of the accident. A family can recover damages for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of the victim’s future earnings, loss of benefits such as pensions and insurance, loss of inheritance, and loss of goods and services.

    Additionally, non-economic damages can be awarded in a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawsuit. These include pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of care, guidance, love, society, consortium, and companionship. Non-economic damages can harder to calculate than economic damages because an exact dollar amount cannot be placed on them. In order to ensure you and your family receive the compensation, you deserve following the loss of your loved one, contact an experienced Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato. Justice is not automatic; we will fight for you.

    Boynton Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer

    When you lose a loved one unexpectedly at the fault of another, you may have options for recourse. Depending on the circumstances of your loved one’s death, you may be able to pursue the liable party for compensation to account for your loss. This area of law is known as wrongful death, and a Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney could help you understand your rights.

    If you have lost a close family member to a work accident, traffic collision, or another preventable incident, the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato is ready to help. A Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyer from our firm could represent you, collect evidence to support your case, and advocate for your financial recovery. 

    Contact the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (954) 633-8270 for a free case assessment from our client intake team. 

    About Florida Wrongful Death Cases

    Injury claims allow people who have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence to seek compensation for their injuries. In the case of wrongful death, surviving family members can file a claim for damages when a loved one dies due to another party’s negligence. 

    There are three important things to know about filing a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawsuit: 

    1. Wrongful death lawsuits may be filed when there is evidence that the victim died due to a qualifying wrongful act.
    2. Lawsuits must be filed within the state of Florida’s statute of limitations.
    3. Only certain family members may be able to file the lawsuit.

    When To File a Boynton Beach Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    According to Florida Statutes 768.19, surviving family members can file wrongful death cases when they lose a loved one due to:

    • Negligence
    • Breach of contract/warranty
    • Default
    • Other wrongful acts

    Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations in Florida

    Typically, families have two years from the date of a loved one’s death to file a lawsuit in Florida, according to Florida Statutes 95.11. However, it is a good idea to have a Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney weigh in on the amount of time you have to file based on the facts of your case. There may be exceptions that give you more or less time to begin this process.

    Family Members Who Can File for Wrongful Death Damages

    Family members who were close to the deceased person are those who may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death settlement. Possible claimants may include:

    • The spouse 
    • The children, whether minors or adults
    • The parents, even if the deceased was an adult
    • Household dependents of the deceased, even if they were not immediate family members

    Certain factors will affect the amount of compensation each beneficiary can receive. For example, minor children of a Florida resident may be entitled to more compensation in a wrongful death recovery for their deceased parent than adult children. 

    A Boynton Beach wrongful death law firm can help you understand both your eligibility to file and the possible value for your claim. 

    Common Causes of Wrongful Death and How They May Affect Your Case

    Wrongful deaths can happen in any number of ways. The following are some of the most common types of accidents a Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney from our firm could help you with.

    Fatal Car Accidents

    Wrongful deaths due to car accidents are the second-most common type of accidental death in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports.

    Car crashes and collisions can occur for any number of reasons, including:

    • Distracted driving (such as texting while driving)
    • Speeding
    • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI/DWI)
    • Failure to obey traffic laws

    There are also many ways car accidents occur, such as rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, trucking accidents, bussing accidents, and more. 

    When a car accident leads to a person’s death, the car accident victim’s family may be able to file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against the liable party.

    Slips and Fall Deaths

    Deaths due to slips and falls account for the third-largest amount of accidental deaths in the United States. Even when these accidents do not result in death, they can lead to life-altering injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, or broken bones.

    Many fatal slip or trip and falls occur due to a property or business owner’s failure to:

    • Keep up on property maintenance
    • Warn visitors of a faulty flooring issue 
    • Provide adequate lighting in dark areas

    In cases like these, the victim’s family can seek a financial recovery from the negligent owner.

    Wrongful Death in Workplace Accidents

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were over 5,000 fatal work injuries in the United States in 2019, up 2% from 2018. Some of the highest rates of workplace deaths occurred in the following industries:

    Filing a claim with help from a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyer may help you seek compensation from a third-party responsible for the harm your loved one suffered on the job. 

    Medical Malpractice

    Many people lose their lives due to medical errors every year. Doctors may misdiagnose or fail to diagnose a patient’s illness. Pharmacists may supply the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage. 

    If you lost a family member during surgery, treatment, or other medical procedure, medical malpractice could be the cause. If so, you may be able to seek compensation from the negligent medical professional or the facility employing them.

    Defective Product Fatalities

    You want to be able to trust any product you purchase and know that it will not cause you or your loved one harm, but this is not always the case. A defective product could malfunction due to: 

    • An error in product design
    • Mistakes made during the manufacturing process
    • Failure to properly label the product with appropriate instructions and warnings

    More and more, people who have lost family members due to a defective product or prescription drug are seeking damages to account for their loss. Determining liability in this type of case may be difficult, but a Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney from our firm can help you get to the bottom of it. 

    Homicide and Assault

    If the death of your loved one involved a crime, you may be able to pursue the person who committed the crime for damages. However, it is important to understand that this claim would be separate from any criminal charges brought against the perpetrator by a prosecutor.

    To better understand your eligibility for damages, explore your legal rights, and get help with your case, you can seek out a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyer. Contact Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato now at (954) 633-8270 to get started.

    Factors That Affect a Wrongful Death Case

    A lawyer can help you understand all the different factors that may play a role in your recovery. Two of the greatest factors that will influence your case’s outcome include the legal concepts of negligence and liability.

    Comparative Negligence

    The presence of negligence is considered in every personal injury and wrongful death case. To file a claim, you must prove that negligence was a factor in the accident that led to your loved one’s death. 

    We understand this area of law and can examine the details surrounding your loved one’s death. Our team will look for evidence that another party’s negligence was the cause and use it to support your right to damages.

    However, it’s important to note that the state of Florida enforces the principle of comparative negligence. According to Florida Statutes 768.8, if your loved one is assigned any percentage of fault for the incident that led to their death, it will affect the amount of compensation available to you. 

    Determining Liability for Wrongful Death

    One of the first and most crucial tasks in a Boynton Beach wrongful death case is determining the liable party or parties. The person or company who can be held liable is the one who will owe you damages if your claim is successful.

    Showing that the at-fault party is liable for your loved one’s deaths will require three important steps:

    • Demonstrating that the liable party was negligent
    • Showing that the negligence led to the accident 
    • Proving that the accident was the cause of your loved one’s death

    Our attorneys know how to navigate liability requirements and can help you identify any and all parties who may be responsible for your family member’s death.

    Reasons To File for Wrongful Death Compensation

    Family members may have very different reasons for wanting to file a claim after losing a loved one. Some common reasons that surviving family members may file wrongful death claims include:

    Compensation for the Unexpected Loss of Income

    If you lost a spouse, you may be reeling from the financial burden of taking over household and family expenses on your own. 

    Compensation from a Boynton Beach wrongful death settlement could help you alleviate this financial pressure—both the short-term loss of income and projected future lost wages. 

    Compensation for Outstanding Expenses 

    The accident that led to your loved one’s death may have resulted in massive medical bills, funeral expenses, and other costs, including debt in their name. Spouses can face liability for certain debts after their partner’s death, on top of having to adjust to the loss of household income.  

    When you lose a spouse, and someone else is at fault, you should not be held responsible for these expenses. Recoverable damages from a wrongful death case may account for such costs. 

    Holding the At-Fault Party Responsible

    If your loved one died at the fault of another, it is understandable to want justice. Filing a wrongful death case against any and all parties who are liable for the death of your family member may bring you a sense of peace and closure.

    Benefits of Hiring a Boynton Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer

    When you are ready to file, consider working with a Boynton Beach wrongful death attorney from our team on your case. We can provide ample support and services from start to finish, including the following:

    Help with Filing 

    Unless you have experience in the legal world, filing a claim is likely a new process for you. It may be even more difficult to navigate as you also try to process your grief over your loved one’s death.

    Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can help by taking on each step of your case, from gathering evidence to communicating with the defendant’s lawyers and insurance companies. We will also act on your behalf in court, if necessary.

    Ongoing Legal Advice 

    Our team will work hard to help you reach a favorable settlement and provide legal advice and support throughout the process. 

    If your claim does not settle, we will be prepared to fight for compensation in court to the fullest extent of our experience and ability.

    Building a Strong Case

    Much of the crucial work in wrongful death cases consists of collecting evidence to support them. We will work tirelessly to gather the details, documentation, and witnesses to demonstrate that negligence led to your loved one’s death and how this makes the at-fault party liable.

    Wrongful Deaths in the United States

    Know this: you are not alone in your pursuit of compensation for the loss of your loved one. National organizations such as the CDC and workplace safety organizations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have put forth efforts to reduce serious injuries and accidents that result in unexpected deaths.

    Such efforts include making data and preventative measures available to the public and suggesting strict safety standards for public areas, workplace environments, and more. 

    Yet, devastating accidents still happen every day. This is why Boynton Beach wrongful death compensation exists: to provide accident victims’ family members the financial support they need after an untimely death.

    Wrongful death damages cannot bring your family member back, but they can help with some of the financial burdens that often accompany an unexpected loss.

    Contact the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato to Represent You in Your Boynton Beach Wrongful Death Case

    Losing someone close to you may be the most devastating event you ever experience. At Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato, we can offer our support in the best way we know how: by working hard to help you pursue compensation as recourse for your family member’s death.

    You should not be left financially responsible when a negligent act took your loved one’s life, and you may have legal options available. Filing for wrongful death compensation can help account for these expenses, and even your pain and suffering and emotional anguish at such a grave loss.

    Reach out to Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato to get more information on how to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of a Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyer. Our team is ready to provide your free consultation when you call (954) 633-8270.

    The Boynton Beach personal injury lawyers at the law offices of Wolf & Pravato help families recover damages after the wrongful death of a loved one. If a family member or another loved one has died due to the negligence of another person in West Palm Beach, please contact our Boynton Beach wrongful death lawyers for a consultation – 1-954-633-8270.

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