The Foundation supports the development of, and raises public awareness about, cutting-edge, targeted therapies for childhood cancer, so that the treatment of childhood cancer will be gentler and more tolerable.

Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato is proud to lend our support to the I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation. Attorney Vincent Pravato has recently been added to the foundation’s board of directors and we are pleased to be a part of such an outstanding organization.

The I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation is involved in raising public awareness for the support and development of new, advanced therapies to help childhood cancer patients. The goal of the foundation’s efforts is to make the usually harsh treatments the patients have to go through become milder and more bearable for these young boys and girls who are fighting this disease. The foundation wants to dispel the idea that childhood cancer treatment has to be painful and debilitating, a belief that helps isolate children from their peers.

Another goal of the foundation is to inform the public about new research in cancer treatment that is going underfunded in an effort to raise money to help support this research. Ultimately, the I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation hopes to eradicate the stereotypes associated with childhood cancer treatments as well as to help eradicate the disease itself before it destroys one more life. For more information about the I Care I Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation, please visit I Care I Cure


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