What is Negligent Security?


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    Negligent Security

    Negligent security is the term used to describe what occurs if you are on another person’s property and become a victim of a violent act because there was no security to prevent the crime from occurring.

    To hold a property owner responsible for your injuries, your Fort Lauderdale negligent security lawyer would need to prove that a third party was able to injure you on another person’s property because the owner did not act with reasonable care to prevent the crime from occurring.

    Examples of Negligent Security

    Examples of negligent security can include:

    Negligent security can lead to any of the following:

    • Sexual assault and rape
    • Shootings
    • Stabbings
    • Robberies
    • Assault and battery

    The Elements of a Negligent Security Case

    The basic elements of a negligent security case are:

    • The defendant has a duty to provide basic security measures for their property (the measures depend on what kind of property it is);
    • The defendant failed to provide adequate negligent security for their property; and,
    • The plaintiff suffered an injury due to the defendant’s failure to adequately provide basic security measures.

    The defendant in a negligent security case may be the owner or manager of a commercial property such as a store, parking lot, hotel, or any place the public visits.

    Example of a Negligent Security Case 

    A negligent security case might include the owner of a parking lot that is open 24 hours where the lighting is insufficient to properly illuminate the grounds at night. One evening you could be walking to your car and assaulted and robbed.

    You Must Prove the Injury Was Foreseeable

    An important element of a Florida negligent security case is that the owner or manager should have known that a crime could occur. In other words, the criminal act should have been foreseeable by the property owner. If it was not foreseeable, you cannot hold the owner liable for your injuries.

    For example, if the parking lot mentioned above had been the site of several violent crimes in the past. The owner of the parking lot would have known about these assaults and should have done something to protect future customers. The injury was foreseeable and, therefore, the owner may be liable.

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