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How Facebook Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case: Ways to Protect Yourself

Facebook Can Hurt Your Car Accident Case Facebook can hurt your car accident case in several ways, so the best practice is to not say or post anything about your car accident. This can be challenging for people who want to reach out to their friends and family for support. If you are coping with

safety tips for driving on slippery roads

10 Safety Tips for Driving on Slippery Roads

Safety Tips When Driving on Slippery Roads When the weather changes and becomes more intense, motorists should adjust their driving or pull over until the conditions improve. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to acknowledge the severe dangers associated with inclement weather. If someone caused you to suffer injuries in a car accident by not driving safely

car accidents caused by bad weather

How Bad Weather and Rain Contribute to Car Accidents

We’ve all experienced severe weather when we are driving and know how terrifying it can be. A change in the weather can increase the chances of you having a motor vehicle accident.  Even if you are driving as safely as possible, someone else may be acting carelessly behind the wheel, putting you and your passengers

Reckless Driving During COVID

Reckless Driving Increasing During COVID Pandemic

Reckless Driving On The Rise During Covid-19 in the USA The COVID pandemic has been an adjustment for all of us, affecting our daily lives in ways we never would have expected. Lockdowns, closed businesses, and telecommuting have led to a reduction in traffic and travel in general, but it may have also had one