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    Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

    If you or a family member believe you have a legitimate insurance claim and your insurer is failing to properly assess your claim or is refusing to pay the full monetary value of your claim, you can be left feeling confused and uncertain of what to do next. You may also feel intimidated at the thought of fighting for fair treatment against a large insurance company on your own. This is where a lawyer comes in.

    If your insurer is acting in bad faith, a lawyer may be able to file a civil lawsuit against them on your behalf, as well as negotiate for a fair settlement. Call the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (954) 633-8270 to discuss your legal options in a free consultation. 

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    A Fort Lauderdale Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer Can Support Your Case 

    A situation of “bad faith” to exist with your insurance company goes far beyond simply disagreeing with your insurance company adjuster about the value of your claim. Deal with an Insurance Adjuster

    Filing a civil case against your insurance company for acts of bad faith can require research, knowledge, and proof that can be hard to provide on your own. When you make an assertion that your insurance company acted in bad faith regarding your claim, Florida statutes state you may be asked to prove that one of the following occurred:

    • Your insurance company is taking a longer time than necessary to communicate with you or to investigate your claim. 
    • Your insurance company was deliberately acting in a way that was unjust, unfair, or harmful.
    • Your insurance company treated your claim carelessly or without regard for your rights or best interests.
    • Your insurance company deliberately or carelessly neglected the rights or best interest of a named beneficiary. 

    If you can prove one or more of these actions was taken by your insurance company, the guidance and support of a Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance lawyer can help you in negotiating a settlement.

    When you have a Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance attorney on your side, you can avoid the hassle and confusion of negotiating with the insurance company alone. Call the Florida bad faith insurance lawyers at (954) 633-8270 to review your case with an attorney today.

    Bad Faith by a Third-Party’s Insurance Company in Fort Lauderdale

    If you are pursuing compensation from another party’s insurance company, they, too, owe you a duty of good faith. This duty falls short of what you should expect from your own insurance company. However, if a third party’s insurer lies or engages in fraud, or in some other way interfered with the pursuit of your claim, like by withholding evidence or witness tampering, the insurance company may be acting in bad faith. It is entirely appropriate for you to seek help from a Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance lawyer for this type of behavior. 

    Insurance Companies Are Required to Treat You Fairly in Fort Lauderdale

    The state of Florida takes bad faith actions on the part of any insurance company very seriously. In fact, there are laws in place designed specifically to protect your rights as the insured. The state requires that your insurance company act in your best interest and take certain actions as soon as possible. 

    Your insurance company is required to take actions that are reasonable and honest to evaluate and calculate your claim. They are also required to be straightforward and upfront when dealing with you. In addition, the insurance company must provide you with a statement that explains your policy’s coverage and the payment amount they are offering. 

    If you believe your rights or the rights of a family have not been met, you may have the foundation for a bad faith insurance lawsuit. Contact the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (954) 633-8270. We can help you receive the fair treatment you deserve.

    You Have Rights As The Insured Party in Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale bad faith insurance attorney

    A Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance attorney can help you fully understand your rights and your insurance company’s responsibilities. Among your rights and benefits as the insured is the right to be compensated for your losses and the right to have your insurance company support you in a third-party claim against you. 

    Your insurance policy is a legally binding contract that entitles you to certain rights when you file a valid claim in a timely manner. If you or a family member believe your rights have not been met, our legal team will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are not violated. 

    Our Fort Lauderdale Attorney Will Fight the Insurance Company For A Fair Settlement

    The shock of finding out your insurance company is not treating you honestly and fairly can be hard to overcome. A Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance lawyer can help you gather the evidence required to prove your insurance company acted in bad faith. That invaluable proof may help you receive the financial recovery you deserve. 

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