Attorney Fee Arrangements

Common Types Of Attorney Fee Arrangements

Attorney Fee Arrangements If you need to hire an attorney, you might be concerned about being able to afford one. Depending on the type of case, the law firm involved, and other factors, the amount of money you end up paying a lawyer can vary. That being said, you should be aware of a few

Reckless Driving During COVID

Reckless Driving Increasing During COVID Pandemic

Reckless Driving On The Rise During Covid-19 The COVID pandemic has been an adjustment for all of us, affecting our daily lives in ways we never would have expected. Lockdowns, closed businesses, and telecommuting have led to a reduction in traffic and travel in general, but it may have also had one unintended effect. Reckless

Attorney For Workers

Need An Attorney For Workers Compensation

An Attorney For Workers Compensation You do not need to hire a workers’ comp attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim or negotiate a settlement. You are allowed to represent yourself at all stages of the workers’ compensation process. However, an attorney may be able to support you by managing all of the legal work

Pay Lawyer Fees

Do I Get The Other Side To Pay My Lawyer Fees When I Win A Lawsuit?

Other Side To Pay My Lawyer Fees When I Win A Lawsuit When you win a lawsuit, the damages you recover can be used to pay your attorney’s fees. However, this is not always the case. Certain situations may allow you to collect court-awarded attorney’s fees, but this may depend on case type and state

Car Accident Settlement Or Judgment

Do I Have To Pay Tax On A Car Accident Settlement Or Judgment In The USA?

Pay Tax On A Car Accident Settlement Or Judgment In The USA You only pay taxes on a car accident settlement if the settlement you received includes taxable money you would have received had you not been injured. For example, compensation for lost income or lost profits is usually taxable, but compensation for injuries is

Car Accident Victims

What Questions Would A Police Officer Ask a Car Accident Victims?

A Police Officer Would Ask a Car Accident Victims Car accident interview questions may vary from case to case. However, questions for road accidents and car accident questions usually cover what the victims were doing when the accident occurred, how the accident unfolded if any other witnesses saw the accident, and what the victims believe

Police Report for a Car Accident

How Important Is A Police Report In A Car Accident in Florida?

How Important Is A Police Report In A Car Accident? A police report may be an important part of any insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit that you may be involved in after an accident. A police report in a car accident—compiled by the responding officer after an accident occurs—may help prove your claims to

Does My Health Insurance Cover My Car Accident

Does My Health Insurance Cover Me if I’m Involved in a Car Accident?

Health Insurance Cover if You Involved in a Car Accident Many people wonder if their health plan will cover car accident medical bills. In general, the answer is yes—you can take advantage of a health insurance plan to cover your medical bills. However, your medical coverage typically only kicks in after you exhaust the coverage

Car Accident Deaths

How Many Auto Accident Deaths Happened In Florida 2019?

Car Accident Deaths Happen in Florida in 2019 According to data from the Florida Department of Health, there were 3,273 traffic deaths in Florida in 2019. This death toll is higher than the 3,224 car accident deaths in 2018. The root cause of these car accident deaths per year may vary, but it can largely

What Is The Most Common Type Of Accident In FL

What Is The Most Common Type Of Accident In FL?

Most Common Type of Accident In Florida Not accounting for car accidents, the most common type of accident in FL is slip and fall cases. Research from the Florida Department of Health shows that unintentional falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions related to non-fatal injuries in Florida. Unfortunately, these unintentional falls are also