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Many People Have Died From Bird Scooters In Florida


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    People Have Died From Bird Scooters In Florida

    In April 2019, a man died in an e-scooter accident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. On June 29 of that same year, Fox 13 Tampa Bay reported that man in Tampa was hit by a truck while riding an e-scooter and passed away days later at the hospital.

    There is presently no exact statistical value given to the number of deaths related to the use of e-scooters from Florida. From a report published by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, there were 74 people injured in Fort Lauderdale alone while using e-scooters. Of those injured, 57 of them needed to be hospitalized, and of those hospitalized, ten victims suffered what was classified as serious injuries.

    E-Scooter Accident and InjuriesBird Scooter Accidents in Florida

    E-scooters, such as those offered by Bird, are a transportation service that allows users to rent the scooters through a smartphone app. Users pay electronically, ride the e-scooter within a specified operating area, and then leave the e-scooter on the street or sidewalk once they arrive at their destination. 

    Proposed as a way to reduce urban traffic and carbon emissions, e-scooter services were a noble idea, but in practice, there have been serious issues. These issues have included minor inconveniences, such as users abusing the service by haphazardly leaving the scooters on sidewalks for pedestrians to trip over, to major accidents with significant bodily injuries and, as mentioned, some deaths.

    There appear to be two reasons for the increase in accidents related to the e-scooters. On the one side, vehicular traffic is failing to recognize the right of way for the e-scooter users, such as failing to yield at right-hand turns. On the other side, e-scooters were limited to sidewalks, where their high speed proved a danger to pedestrians, but the state has at least addressed this issue. In June 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill lifting sidewalk restrictions on electric scooters. Some proponents still feel more steps need to be taken for public safety.

    The Types of Injuries From an E-Scooter Accident

    Due to their purpose, laws for use, and their construction, there can be a wide range of injuries that may be sustained from an e-scooter accident, whether the victim is a rider struck by a vehicle or a pedestrian struck by an e-scooter. Those injuries may include: 

    • Blunt force trauma 
    • Broken bones, including hips from falling
    • Burns, cuts, lacerations, scrapes, and bruises
    • Ligament and tendon injuries, especially in the knees
    • Road rash
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), including concussions
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Neck and Back Injuries
    • Paralysis 
    • Internal Injuries, such as bleeding and Organ Damage
    • Disfigurement, including amputation
    • Wrongful death

    Make sure to see a doctor as soon as it is safe to do so after an e-scooter accident to evaluate your injuries.

    How an E-Scooter Lawyer May Be Able to Help

    If you have suffered injuries in an e-scooter accident, you may be eligible to collect compensation for your losses, and an e-scooter lawyer can help to file an E-Scooter accident lawsuit. They can help you by: 

    • Gathering evidence and investigating the incident 
    • Identifying all liable parties 
    • Calculating your losses 
    • Filing a claim
    • Negotiating with the insurance companies  
    • Representing you through the whole process, even to trial if necessary

    You can concentrate on your recovery while an e-scooter lawyer manages these tasks for you and also help in a bird scooter lawsuit.

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