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Where Do Most Car Accidents Happen?


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    Car Accidents in the USA

    The United States has the busiest roads with about 280 million vehicles running on the road and 227.5 million drivers with valid licenses. The swarming traffic leads to accidents and casualties. The deaths with vehicle accidents are in the top ten causes of death. 

    The more time you spend in a vehicle, the more possibilities are there to meet an accident. 

    The chances of getting into an accident increase, and decrease depending on when, and where you are driving. 

    Most Common Car Accidents Spots in the US?Car Accidents

    Car accidents can happen anywhere, but one must stay more attentive while driving at the hot spots. Here are a few hot spots you should look for while driving.

    • Rural highways

    Surprisingly, fatal car accidents happen in rural areas in large numbers.

    It bothers us to stop and start while driving in the city. You have to keep waiting for the signals. However, these traffic rules keep us safe.

    In rural areas and highways, where there are fewer traffic rules in comparison to the city, and no signals, the accident rate is high. Everyone drives at high speed since there is low traffic. It causes drivers to get distracted and meet severe accidents.

    • Confusing Intersections

    Many fatal and non-fatal accidents happen at intersections as they confuse the drivers. Drivers take risky turns, and it gives rise to side-impact collisions. Intersection accidents cause serious injuries such as whiplash, hearing damage, broken shoulders, and head trauma.

    • Stoplights 

    Drives often misjudge the time they need to apply a brake at the stoplight. At spotlights, most rear-end collisions happen. Sometimes, it is because the distracted driver applies the brakes too late as they didn’t notice the red light. At other times, collisions happen because of faulty brakes. Usually, these types of collisions are not fatal but can lead to vehicle damage and injury.

    • Parking Lots

    While accidents in parking lots are not very serious, they are common. Parking lots have traffic congestion. It leads drivers to hit a parked car while getting their car out of the spot. There is a defined speed limit in parking lots and garages. There are also signs everywhere. However, carelessness and a high volume of pedestrians and vehicles lead to frequent accidents.

    • Close to Home

    It is risky to drive on a long road trip while you are drowsy. It is no different even when you are driving around your neighborhood. 

    Most of the time fatal car accidents happen within the area of 25 miles from your house. Think of it: Have you driven home from your office and do not remember what happens in between and how exactly you get there?

    It happens because your brain easily goes to auto-pilot mode when driving through familiar roads like driving to the home, and in your neighborhood. While driving in the neighborhood, your brain relies more on muscle memory than on active driving skills.

    But when you drive to a new place, you become hyper-vigilant and remain active all the time confirming you are going the right way and are not missing any turn.

    Moreover, drivers skip to buckle up while driving around and undo their seatbelts when they get closer to their homes. So stay alert and wear seat belts at all times.

    • Two-Lane Roads

    On a two-lane road, the driver gets only a single lane to drive in each direction. The roads are also narrow as compared to that highways. Thus, if the driver drifts on such roads, it leads to a head-on collision and a dangerous accident.

    What Time of Year do Most Car Accidents Happen?

    • Summers and Early Fall

    Most people go on road trips when the weather is warmer. It is the most dangerous time of the year to drive. As in the USA, most people drive for miles in warm weather. 

    • Holidays 

    When it comes to a single date, Independence Day and New Year’s Eve have the highest traffic on the roads and hence, the highest number of accidents. 

    • Afternoon and Other Rush Hours

    The more cars on the road, the higher the chances of a collision. Fridays between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m are the most common time for car accidents. Most people are on the road going home at this time.

    Car accident statistics by state 2020 are reaching heights. It is vital to pay attention to the following things that can lower the risk of getting into an accident: 

    • Pay attention to your driving habits.
    • Keep your car maintained.
    • Learn the car driving defensive course.

    Car accidents, minor or major, are never pleasant. Apart from the health concerns, they also bring the law along. If you ever get into a car accident, contact one of the best Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato. We can help you get through the legalities of your accident case smoothly. 

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