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Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur?


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    Most Fatal Collisions in Florida happen during?

    While you might assume you have a greater chance of getting into a car accident during a long road trip rather than when driving locally within South Florida, you’d be wrong. Statistics prove that most car accidents take place within 25 miles of home. Please contact our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney for more legal help.

    Why? Most likely it is because the repetition of driving in familiar territory causes our senses to feel ‘safe’ and when we start to relax, we let our guard down. This is especially true for daily commuters in Florida when their brain and reflexes go on autopilot. On a day off, have you ever found yourself on a road you use during commuting and then found yourself driving to work? Or have you gotten home from work and realize that you weren’t really paying attention during the drive home? Driving in familiar places can sometimes cause us to rely on muscle memory rather than on our active driving skills. Please contact an accident lawyer for legal help in your case.

    Most Injury Crashes in Florida Happen in What Conditions

    These are some places/ times where/when drivers commonly get into accidents:

    • NeighborhoodsCommon car accidents in a neighborhood include crashing into parked cars, hitting another car while backing out of a driveway, and side-swiping a car to avoid an accident.
    • Parking Lots – Lots of low-speed collisions happen in parking lots, such as 2 cars backing out of parking spaces at the same time and crashing into each other, driving way too fast and not having enough time to stop, pulling into a parking space and hitting a car parked next to it, or a car pulling out right in front of you.
    • Daily Commutes – In large, congested metropolitan areas, commuters often find themselves sitting in traffic while commuting back and forth to work. This can result in distracted drivers trying to take advantage of the downtime by performing other tasks, like putting on makeup, checking emails, looking at their personal devices, drinking coffee, eating, and even shaving. Sound dangerous? It is because it means drivers are not completely alert.
    • Most Dangerous Time to Drive – Late afternoon and evening between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. (commuting hours) ranked as the most dangerous times to drive; followed by the times between 6 p.m. and midnight. Download Florida Drivers Guide for more details
    • City or Rural Roads More Dangerous? – Believe it or not, it’s not city roads that are the scene of most fatal accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that, in 2012, nearly 4,000 more fatal car accidents happened on rural roads than on busy urban streets. So, take the help of a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer.

    The list above provides some of the most common places and times that car accidents occur in Florida. The 2 most important things you can do to stay safe while driving is to stay alert and buckle up. While paying attention to the road while driving is a given, paying attention to other drivers adds an extra measure of awareness. Understanding where and when car accidents frequently occur can help you be prepared and stay safe when you’re behind the wheel.

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