What should I do if my car was hit while parked in Florida?


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Car Was Hit While Parked in Florida

When you park your car in your driveway, on a street, or in a parking lot and it is hit, you might not know what to do. You might also be unaware of the options you have available to hold the driver responsible for your damaged property or to have your own insurer cover repair or replacement costs. 

Any driver who hits your car is required by Florida law to stop and report the accident. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. You should take the following steps if your car was hit while it was parked:

  • File a police report – a police report is mandatory in cases of hit and run crashes on public or private property.file insurance claim
  • Take photos – photos can document the damage to your car and can help your car accident lawyer value your claim for compensation.
  • Identify witnesses if possible – if your car was hit in your driveway or in front of your home, a neighbor may have seen the car that hit your car. If your car was hit in a parking lot or other public location, an observant passerby might have seen the at-fault driver or their vehicle.  
  • Call your insurance provider – if your car suffered extensive damage, report the damage to your insurer as soon as possible after it is discovered. 

Speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible once you discover the damage to your car. Share a copy of your crash report with an auto accident attorney near you as soon as possible. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Help To Identify and Hold At-Fault Driver Liable

If the driver left a note on your vehicle, our team can go after the driver and recover the compensation you need to repair your vehicle.

Unfortunately, some people leave after hitting parked cars. Identifying the driver who hit your car while parked can be extremely difficult on your own. It can sometimes be a futile pursuit. When you work with an auto accident lawyer, they may have investigators and other resources that can help locate the hit and run driver who damaged your car. A car accident attorney might also be able to locate and identify witnesses who can provide a description of the car that hit your car, the person who was driving the car, or a full or partial license plate number.

If your attorney cannot locate the responsible car owner or driver, they might be able to identify other ways to have your vehicle repaired or replaced. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Pursue Your Compensation

Car insurance is mandatory in Florida. When you purchase insurance protection for your car, you will be offered optional collision coverage. This coverage will repair or replace your damaged vehicle (you might still have to pay your insurance deductible).

When you trust your case to a Fort Myers car accident lawyer, they can help you understand the role your own insurance policy might play in repairing or replacing your vehicle. 

Do Not Overlook Your Financial Compensation Options

If you are present when your car is hit, you likely know what to do and where to turn for financial recovery. When your car is hit while parked and unattended, a car accident attorney can play an important role in uncovering every option you have for a monetary award. 

Contact The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato

You should not be forced to bear the cost of damage to your car that was not your fault. A Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney can take steps to ensure that does not happen. Call the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (954) 633-8270 to speak to a car accident attorney near you today.

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