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So You’ve Had an Car Accident, What’s Next?


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    So You’ve Had an Auto Accident, What’s Next?

    In this fast-paced world, one can easily witness an ever-increasing rush on the roads and streets. Car crashes and accidents have become seemingly common, with little to no awareness about the ways to handle them. Imagine you see a road accident. What will you do?

    According to reports, a total of 401,867 car crashes were reported in the year 2019. While car accidents can leave you in a moment of shock, it is crucial to take correct measures right at the accident scene.

    What to do if you have a Car Accident?

    Meeting with a vehicle collision or an accident can be draining, both physically and mentally. To secure your further course of action, it is necessary to take specific steps while still being at the site or immediately after it. These efforts not only ease your personal injury lawsuit proceedings by providing sufficient and much-needed evidence but also assist in better insurance claims.

    Call 911 to Report an Accident

    It is the prime-most initial step for you to ring up 911 and report your accident to get an official statement documented at the earliest. It is essential to file a police report after a car accident since it can significantly help you during injury lawsuits and the settlements for insurance claims. 

    In most cases, the police land on the accident scene to record the entire situation and investigate it through various aspects. This investigation can assist you in getting improved compensations in the longer run.

    Note Down the Entire Site Scene

    Overwhelming, as it may seem to be, noting down all the details of the scene where the accident has taken place is highly vital. Whether it is the name and contact information of the drivers involved or the complete identification addresses of the witnesses present— every detail holds great significance. 

    Documenting all the nitty-gritty of the accident scene, including the vehicle numbers, where the vehicle was coming from, and where it plans to go, all of these come in handy while you fight your case in the lawsuit. 

    Make sure to take your phones out and record all the damages sustained by your vehicle along with your injuries!

    Get Immediate Medical Assistance

    It is essential to get immediate medical help in the case of a car accident to check for all the possible injuries. Even if the pain is less with not-so-evident bruises, it is advisable to get a complete check-up done, including X-rays and MRIs. 

    Make sure to keep all these medical bills safely for presenting them at the time of your legal case representation. 

    Give a Heads Up to Your Insurance Company

    Since Florida is a no-fault state, all the decision-making power to determine the claims and compensation remains with your insurance company. Looping them into your case and sharing all the details with necessary proof is vital to get the maximum compensation that you deserve.  

    Sharing all the relevant details about your accident with the insurance company and updating them about the crash also helps them validate your case. Insurance companies are built on “minimizing claim values.” Thus, it would be best if you put up a solid case to bag your rightful compensation. 

    What to do after a minor Car Accident?

    All car accidents, both major and minor alike, must be dealt with equal concern. It is necessary first to check if anyone involved in the scene complains of an injury. If the vehicle is still operational, you must move it to the roadside and straight away report the accident to the police. 

    Save all your medical test bills and reports for record purposes, along with documenting the entire scene. Seemingly insignificant details like weather and traffic status must also be noted down. This plays a vital role at the time of fighting for your claims. 

    What to do after a Car Accident where it’s not your fault?

    Car accidents can be challenging situations at times, which tend to make you lose your mind. Try to stay calm and keep recording all the details. Never come under pressure and make false statements for agreeing to be the one at fault. 

    Apologizing for the mistake while you are not even at fault can hunt you and pose a challenge during your lawsuit. These statements often go against you and are difficult to counteract. 

    What happens to your Car after an Accident?

    What happens to your car after the accident is dependent on the terms of your insurance policy. After informing your insurance company about the crash, they will likely send you a qualified adjuster who evaluates your vehicle damages and presents an estimated amount for repairing. 

    At times, the insurance company also provides you with extra finances to pay for your car rentals until your vehicle is under repair. These usually depend on the kind of insurance policy you have opted for. 

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