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What to Do After an Auto Accident for Teens?


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    After an Car Accident for Teens

    Getting a driver’s license is a huge achievement for teenagers. You have probably been waiting for a long time to climb behind the wheels of your car. However, this excitement sometimes becomes the cause of worry.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, car crashes are the second most leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Shockingly enough, the age group of 16-19 is the most vulnerable to the risk of car crashes than any other group. The situation is so dire that about 7 teenagers ranging between the age of 13-19 die every day in vehicle crashes. The statistics of injuries are more than a hundred for a day. 

    These figures are gruesome enough to send any parent through a roller coaster of emotions. On one side, they are proud and excited for their child. On the other hand, they are far more concerned for their child now than they were before.

    However, the solution here is to not worry and instead, prepare your kid for what to do in case they get stuck in a car accident. We are here with a guide for you – let’s go!

    Teenage Drivers Car Crash: Steps to Take After the Crash

    Remain Calm

    You are bound to feel a wide range of emotions in a matter of seconds – shock, guilt, fear, nervousness, or anger. Get yourself to calm down as you need to handle a serious situation. With overwhelming emotions, you cannot trust yourself to make the right decision.

    Get to a Safe Place

    Check whether you can get out of the car or not. If trying seems to be risky, don’t take off your seatbelt. Remain seated, turn on your hazard lights, and dial emergency to get help. If it’s a minor crash, move your car to a spot where it doesn’t block traffic. Get out of the car and use your emergency kit. If it’s possible, set warning triangles around your car.

    Check for Injuries

    After a Auto Accident for Teens

    Get emergency health care if anyone in the crash is severely injured. Be cautious as not every injury can be seen. It’s best to seek medical assistance if you feel even remotely unwell.

    Report the Accident

    Regardless of the severity of the accident, it’s always smart to report the accident to the police. If both the parties are driving away safely, the authorities may not come. However, if even one of them is hurt, get the police to come to the crash site. 

    Gather Information

    Collect all the details of the opposite party. Ask them to share their personal details and automobile details – name, address, phone number, insurance company, insurance policy number, and license plate number. If the driver is not the owner, take the information of the owner as well. 

    Do Not Make Any Statement

    Do not take the blame on yourself until you have your lawyer present there. You may be made to think it’s your mistake but it might not be the case. Don’t even put blame on the opposing party. You have the right to remain silent and not give any statement in the absence of your lawyer. The other party can try to manipulate you and get a statement in their favor. It can be presented in court as well. So, except for general conversation, do not exchange any other words.

    Collect Notes

    Take as much detail as you can about the accident. It’s even better if you can take visual evidence. If it’s possible, capture the following information –

    • Year, make, model, the color of the other car.
    • Exact location
    • Your speed
    • Date and time
    • Weather conditions
    • Time police arrived and their name and badge number
    • Road conditions
    • Witnesses (get names and contact info)
    • Take photos of the property damage

    You can do this only if the accident is a minor one. In case of a major crash, leave such details for the police to cover as you may not be in the right state physically and mentally.

    Contact Our Attorney

    Speak to your Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney as soon as possible. Call them even before you talk to your insurance company. The accident can shake you badly, and you may not be comfortable dealing with the compensation recovery process. Let your attorney handle it all properly so that you can recover your financial, physical, and emotional losses. 

    Serious car accidents can have fatal repercussions, and it may take time for your child to heal. Give them your full support and leave the legalities to your lawyer.

    We, at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato ,can take care of the legal process of the car crash. With our assistance, you can file a claim for your compensation and expect a winning trial. Get in touch with us right now to seek our help. 

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