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    When you go out with friends to a bar in Fort Lauderdale you’re expecting a night of fun with your friends, not a bar fight. Unfortunately, the mix of too much alcohol combined with overcrowded bars sometimes can result in a severe injury in a matter of seconds. When a bar fight erupts, an otherwise pleasant evening can turn into one of chaos, bedlam and injuries.
    Consumed in excess, alcohol had different effects on different people. For some, too much alcohol fuels an inner rage, turning an otherwise pleasant person into a “mean drunk” itching for a fight. Mean drunks often respond aggressively to a variety of different situations, including differences of opinions, accidental touching or bumping, and perceived affronts to themselves or their dates. These inappropriate responses are often confrontational, ranging from verbal threats to physical confrontations. For some people, when they’re in bars, they use physical aggression to deal with adverse situations.
    If you were in a Fort Lauderdale bar and trouble broke out, there’s a lot of different ways you may get hurt in a bar fight injury. You may have been punched, cut with a broken glass or beer bottle, pushed into a table, or physically beat up, even if you were an innocent bystander. Sometimes, a physical fight can escalate into further trouble, including the use of weapons, such as a knife or gun. Other times, bouncers may use excessive force causing you permanent injuries. If you’ve been in a Fort Lauderdale bar and have suffered injury, you may wonder – Can you sue the owner of a bar for negligent security?

    Can You Sue the owner of a bar for negligent security?

    As a patron of a public place, you are entitled to certain rights and privileges and one of those privileges is the right to remain safe from undue harm and injury while on the bar’s premises. This is not just limited to the inside of the bar, but includes the bar’s parking lot, alleyways, and all other property the bar sits on.
    Under the legal doctrine of premises liability, the owner of the bar is required to do everything “reasonably” possible to make sure their customers remain safe and protected. The gray area comes with the word “reasonable” and what that means. In most premises liability cases, there is a burden of proof placed on the plaintiff to prove the bar owner should have been able to foresee the injury could have happened. Some types of premises liabilities include hiring adequate, well-trained security, especially in a dangerous or crime-infested area, and not serving more alcohol to already intoxicated patrons. In a bar notorious for having fights some reasonable extra security measures may include serving drinks in plastic cups (to prevent thrown bottles or bottles broken over someone’s head), having multiple bouncers, hiring an off-duty policeman to monitor the bar, and firmly securing the tables and chairs to the floor.

    If you have suffered serious injuries in a Florida due to nightclub security negligence, you should consult with a bar fight injury attorney who is familiar with this particular practice area of law. There’s too much at stake
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