What Kind Of Attorney Do You Need To Sue A Hospital In The USA?


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    Kind Of Attorney Do You Need To Sue A Hospital

    Hospital negligence in the treatment of patients has become a growing issue of concern for public health officials. Problems involving patient mistreatment, diagnosis errors, and long-term injuries sustained by patients during hospital care are leading many people to sue a hospital for pain and suffering, negligence, and other personal and financial damages. A Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer or criminal lawyer can help you with a hospital lawsuit settlement in such cases.

    Issues With Healthcare ProvisionKind Of Attorney Do You Need To Sue A Hospital

    There are many ways a patient can sustain a preventable injury or suffer long-term health issues because of hospital negligence. From a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, medical error is now considered the third leading cause of death. For example, poor hiring practices or a lack of training can lead to issues where unqualified or under-qualified healthcare workers deal with patients or handle health issues and illnesses that they do not have the skills, training, or required knowledge to manage.

    Botched Medical Procedure

    If a botched medical procedure, a diagnosis error, a testing error, or errors involving the administration of drugs lead to injuries that should not have occurred, you may be able to sue a hospital for pain and suffering. You may also be able to sue for any additional healthcare costs or treatment expenses you are forced to cover, including payments for medications, therapy, and rehabilitation. Any income you lose by being unable to work and incidental expenses, such as childcare or eldercare expenses, can also be included.

    Similar damages can be sought in cases involving discrimination in hiring and issues pertaining to doctor-patient confidentiality. Breaches in trust, unfair hiring practices, patient injuries, doctor incompetence, and administrative errors are just some of the leading reasons behind the many hospital lawsuit settlements we see today.

    Damages and Injuries

    If a doctor or another healthcare professional injured you, you may be able to sue the hospital for pain and suffering. These are non-economic or intangible costs. You can also sue for the following economic costs:

    • Lost income or lower-earning capacity
    • Medical care costs
    • Diagnostic test and surgery costs
    • Assistive device costs
    • Therapy and rehabilitation costs

    Hospital lawsuit settlements are typically negotiated based on the extent of damages suffered by the victim and the duration for which he or she is expected to suffer those damages. A multiplier is often used to determine the value of your claim. This figure is multiplied by the total value of all care and treatment costs and other quantifiable losses to arrive at a number for your hospital lawsuit settlement.

    Seeking AssistanceDo You Need To Sue A Hospital

    A Fort Myers personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you with cases involving hospital negligence. An attorney may also be able to help if you want to sue a hospital for pain and suffering. An attorney can help by:

    • Identifying the at-fault party responsible for your injuries and damages. This party may be a doctor, a nurse, a hospital administrator, or the hospital itself.
    • Quantifying the value of your losses and damages.
    • Putting together a claim with all the required documentation.
    • Obtaining the testimony of a medical professional or an injury assessment expert in support of your claim.
    • Ensuring that you meet all statutory and administrative deadlines.
    • Negotiating a settlement with the at-fault parties on your behalf.

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