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Keeping a Good Relationship with Your Lawyer During Your Lawsuit in Florida


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    The lawyer-client relationship can be a very important factor in the outcome of a case. Sometimes during a particularly lengthy lawsuit or one dealing with sensitive and emotional material, tempers can flare and everyone involved can feel disheartened. However, it’s important to recognize any points of contention and deal with them head-on to ensure you continue surviving a long lawsuit. A good working experience not only can help in winning your case, but also reduce the overall anxiety you may feel. 

    Tips for Keeping a Healthy Relationship with Your Lawyer

    1. Keep Your Lawyer Informed – Tell your legal counsel everything you know about the situation and any other information you think they should know. This includes documents, e-mails, phone calls, photos, video, etc. Don’t keep anything from them because something you view as insignificant might help win your case.
    1. Respond Promptly to Your Lawyer’s Requests – Lawyers are usually working under strict deadlines, so the more time you give your lawyer to prepare for and research your case, the better. If you aren’t able to get your lawyer information in the time he or she needs, let him or her know in order to make other arrangements or file for an extension.
    1. Let Your Lawyer Know Your Schedule – Throughout the course of a lawsuit, you may be asked to come in for meetings, depositions or to come to court. Make sure you show up on time for these engagements and let your lawyer know as far ahead of time as possible if you won’t be able to attend so that the schedule can be changed.
    1. Talk about Your Communication Preferences – Make sure your lawyer and the firm’s staff know the best way to get a hold of you. Give them your home, cell, and work numbers and your e-mail and home address. If you prefer to be contacted in a certain way (i.e., e-mail) or at a certain time (after dinner) let them know this. You should also find out the best way to contact your lawyer as well.
    1. Agree Up Front About Money – Money can become a sore spot when you’re waiting for a settlement. Make sure you understand everything you’re being charged for and ask questions if you don’t understand something. By having an understanding of your bill, you’ll be less likely to question it, or your lawyer.

    Following these simple tips you should give you friendly and effective relationship with your lawyer, which can result in a positive outcome.

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