Jobs and Car Accidents. What’s the Connection?


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Jobs and Car Accidents. What’s the Connection?

Can your profession actually affect your driving? Research says “yes” and those in high-stress occupations are the most likely to be at risk for causing a car accident. According to an analysis of 2 million insurance claims by the Guardian Insurance Company, nine of the top 10 occupations causing accidents are medical workers.

Statistics Compiled by MoneySuperMarket

Can Your Job Cause a Car Accident?

Look at the statistics compiled by MoneySuperMarket as reported by the Guardian. These statistics are based on 1,934,550 claims recorded in the disclosed five-year history of each driver from 11,064,736 quotes run on the MoneySuperMarket car insurance site between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014. According to these statistics, out of the top 10 occupations with the most “at fault” claims, nine were employed in the medical profession. That’s interesting and unusual statistics. Why are there so many medical professionals getting into car accidents?.

Analysis of Insurance Claims

The analysis of insurance claims by The Guardian that cited surgeons and general practitioners as the top two most likely to file an at-fault claim for a car accident was a British study, but the evidence says Americans also experience higher rates of car accidents based on certain professions. The Department of Motor Vehicles ranks doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, business owners, architects, and salespeople as the six highest occupations involved in the cause of car accidents.

What is the correlation between the profession and the likeliness of being in a car accident? There could be several factors responsible for such unusually high statistics.

  • One car insurance expert at Moneysupermarket says it’s probably due to stress and tiredness that causes the health care profession to dominate the top 10 at-fault claims.
  • Another spokesperson said, “Lots of cell phone use, a common factor among doctors, may also contribute. There’s plenty of evidence that shows that cell phone use is a big contributor to accidents.”
  • Long hours, especially for doctors in the training phase of their careers, may contribute to the higher accident rate for physicians, said a spokesperson for the American Medical Association. Medical residents and fellows often put in eighty-hour workweeks.
  • Many in the health professional work during the evenings and odd hours, especially those working in the emergency room or called in for emergency operations. Doctors often need to rush to the hospital during life and death situations.
  • The amount of time spent in the car could be another factor. Both the U.S. and British studies cited real estate agents in the top ten. Frequent traveling to various meetings and client appointments throughout the day means more time behind the wheel; more time behind the wheel means more opportunities to be in an accident.
  • Stress can impair driving. People employed in high-stress jobs need to take notice of when their emotions may be negatively affecting their driving ability. If you notice you’re driving recklessly or having trouble concentrating while driving due to being stressed out, find a safe spot to pull over and take a few deep breaths before continuing.

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