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How to Write a Car Accident Witness Statement?


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    How to Write a Witness Statement for a Car Accident

    If you have been a witness to a car accident, you might have been required to provide a written statement based on your observations. You may have already spoken to the lawyers of both parties, the police, and the insurance agents. However, an unbiased statement of the witness makes a huge difference in turning the case. A lot of people may wonder how to write a witness statement for a car accident and why it is even required.

    To the facts, a witness statement is indispensable evidence if you or the injured person has to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries in the accident. During the trial, the plaintiff in the car accident claim can question anyone who has witnessed the accident to write a statement. Of course, writing a statement is different and it is normal for you to be a little apprehensive.

    car accident witness statementSo, whenever you are approached to write a statement, you are allowed to seek advice from a Fort Lauderdale  personal injury attorney. While every witness statement is different based on the accident or the experience of a witness or the facts of the case yet witness statements have some key pieces of information that have to be included and required in the court.

    In this article, we will guide you through the main elements of a witness statement. You will also learn what points you should include.

    Learn How One Can Write a Witness Statement for a Car Accident

    • Contact Information of Witness

    Every witness statement needs to include the name and contact information of the person. This should include the legal full name, home address, and phone number of the witness.

    • Every Detail of the Accident

    For this part, you should ask yourself, who, what, when, and where?

    The witness statement should include every minute detail of the accident, including who, what, and where of the accident. In simpler words, it should include the list of individuals present at the time of the accident or involved in one, details about the vehicles involved, and the time when the crash took place. Remember to be more specific in your witness to provide the best help to the court.

    For instance, if you looked at the watch when the accident happened, the specific time can help in the reconstruction of the accident to prove the fault of the collision.

    Furthermore, the witness statement should also be clear about where the accident happened. This can be on a road, a marker on a highway, an intersection, or a precise address on a local road. Make sure that you list the right and minute details on your statement as these can prove to be highly important for turning the fate of the case.

    • How Did The Crash Occur?

    As you were present at the time of the crash, the court will expect you to narrate your perspective on the crash. While the other sections of your statement can be short, this one should be narrative as the witness clarifies, in writing, what he or she saw and observed during the accident.

    • What Were The Injuries and Damages Involved?

    Similar to your perspectives on the accident, this section should also be narrative and get in detail about the damages and injuries involved. It should include both property damage and injuries. If the witness observed some specific injuries or symptoms, this information should also be explained in the report.

    If in case the witness did not notice any specific injuries but observed the victim hurt, this should also go in your statement. Similarly, if the witness observed damage to the front end of the vehicle, it is important to be specific about this information in your statement.

    • Any Other Relevant Information

    Any other additional information including the weather conditions, road conditions, or other details during the crash that could add up to the better understanding of the accident should be included in the statement.

    • Signature of Witness

    Lastly, the witness should adhere to the information provided in the statement and must sign his or her statement before providing it to attorneys for the people involved in the crash, insurance agents, and law enforcement officials.

    Still figuring out how to write a witness statement car accident, reach us.

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