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    Construction Accident and Injury Attorney In Miami

    We are familiar with the federal and Florida regulations specific to construction accident claims in Miami and our Miami construction accident lawyer help you recover damages for losses incurred due to injury on the job. There are a number of intricate liability issues that pertain to construction accident lawsuits, so it’s important to contact a construction accident attorney in Miami who has experience in handling third-party injury claims.

    At the law offices of Wolf & Pravato, our Miami construction accident lawyers have handled construction accident and personal injury lawyer in Miami for more than two decades and have the resources needed to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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    Who’s Liable for Miami Construction Accident?

    In Miami, if an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, they are usually given exemption from personal injury lawsuits unless the injury is considered to be intentional or the actions of the employer or conditions at the worksite were glaringly unsafe. A more common scenario is to file claims against a third party or a combination of third parties, including:

    Construction Site Owner(s): Usually depends on the amount of control the owner has over the construction work area.

    General and Sub-Contractors: Under OSHA, these parties are responsible to provide workers with a safe construction worksite. They also have a duty to warn employees of any site hazards and enforce that safety regulations are followed. When the contractor or subcontractor fails to perform these duties resulting in an injury, the injured worker may seek compensation for their losses. Contact our Miami construction accident lawyer for your fair compensation.

    Prime Contractors: Prime contractors are held liable for the work spelled out in their contract or for work given to subcontractors when they have exclusive charge over the subcontractors.

    Engineers: Many times architects and engineers must monitor progress to ensure work meets code regulations. To determine architect/engineer accountability, they must be assigned the responsibility in their contract with the construction company.

    Manufacturers: Manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers, can be held liable if a defect in their product causes an injury.

    What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Construction Accident In Miami, Florida?

    If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident you should:

    1. Get prompt medical attention for the accident lawyer
    2. Report the injury to the construction site manager.
    3. Get names and phone numbers from witnesses.
    4. Take photographs of your injury, what caused the injury at the work site, and any broken or malfunctioning equipment that played a part in the accident.
    5. Contact us to learn more about your legal options.

    What Damages Can I Recover From Construction Accident In Miami?

    Construction accidents can cause severe physical, financial, and psychological pain for victims and their families, including stress from extensive medical bills, loss of wages, and future employment opportunities. At the law office of Wolf and Pravato, our Miami construction accident lawyer team can help you recover compensation for the following, against a negligent party:

    • Loss of wages
    • Medical expenses
    • Physical therapy
    • Living expenses
    • Mortgage and rent
    • Pain and suffering

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    If you have been injured in a construction accident and believe you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, the Miami construction accident attorneys at the law office of Wolf and Pravato office may be able to help. To have a Florida construction accident attorney review your case, please fill out our no cost Free Consultation Form at no obligation to you.

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