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Cell Phone Car Crash in Florida


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    Cell Phone Auto Crash in Florida

    Using a cell phone is just one of the many ways that a driver can become distracted and cause an accident. When accidents caused by cell phone use result in injury or worse, death, the person who was using the cell phone at the time of the accident may be responsible for the victim’s losses. More than 36,500 people died in 2018 as a result of traffic accidents, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

    Cell Phones and Other Forms of Motorist Negligence

    Even the World Health Organization recognizes cell phone use by motorists as a threat to safety on the road. The WHO lists texting, posting on social media, and making phone calls among the activities that can cause accidents.

    Why Using a cellphone while driving a car is dangerous?

    Drivers put other drivers, motorists, and passengers at risk on a daily basis in many other ways. Some other forms of dangerous driving behavior that may qualify as negligence if they caused your accident include:

    Dangerous Driving Behavior:

    • SpeedingCell Phone Auto Crash
    • Changing lanes abruptly 
    • Swerving in and out of lanes
    • Driving at night without lights on
    • Tailgating
    • Being drunk or under the influence of drugs
    • Averting attention from the road to other occupants of the vehicle or other vehicles

    There are many more behaviors that may pose an unreasonable risk of harm. You should speak to a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer as soon as possible to figure out if somebody else is responsible for your accident-related losses by performing such actions while operating a motor vehicle.

    A Florida Car Accident Attorney Will Take Your Case

    A lawyer will help you determine who the defendant in your case should be, as other parties besides the driver of the vehicle that struck you could also be responsible. Once you pinpoint the defendant or defendants who could owe you compensation, your Fort Myers car accident lawyer will:

    • File your case in court as soon as possible
    • Collect and organize evidence into a coherent case for compensation
    • Speak with any witnesses to the defendant’s negligent behaviorincluding cell phone useand record their accounts for use at trial
    • Attempt to obtain any statements of admission by the defendant that they used a cell phone just before the accident or at the time the accident occurred
    • Remain in contact with the other party to remain aware of any settlement offers that arise
    • Complete every step necessary to bring your case to a conclusion, whether through a judgment or settlement
    • Defend your rights throughout the legal process

    If your car accident lawyer is successful, you may be eligible to collect car accident compensation for your losses, including but not limited to coverage for:

    Car Accident Compensation Includes:

    • Medical expenses stemming from your accident
    • Any rehabilitation that you require for physical or psychological injury
    • Income that you lost while recovering
    • Pain and suffering 

    You may be eligible for additional damages if you are bringing a wrongful death claim on behalf of a loved one. 

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