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Can You Sue Bird Scooters In Florida?


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    Sue Bird Scooters In Florida

    If you were injured while using a Bird electric scooter in Florida, you may be able to sue the company.

    From an article published by Consumer Reports on the e-scooter ride-share industry, an estimated 1,500 electric scooter users across the country have suffered injuries with broken bones, lacerations, face injuries, brain trauma, and more.

    Because these cases center on Bird releasing an unsafe product to the public, even if you feel like you might have caused your accident by falling or striking an object, Bird could still be liable for your injuries.

    How You Can Sue Bird Scooters

    Depending on your situation, you may be able to file an individual personal injury lawsuit against Bird for the injuries you sustained using their products. You may also be eligible for a class-action lawsuit against Bird, where you could join other people injured on Bird scooters in group action. 

    Lawsuits against Bird scooters may make the argument that:

    • Bird was negligent in deploying electric scooters in Florida without permission
    • Bird did not do enough to ensure user safety
    • Bird did not change their policies to make their products safer once they became aware of the risks their scooters posed to users

    If you can prove these facts in court, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages of your Bird scooter accident. This is true even if you fell off of your scooter, struck an object, or had any sort of accident that you may feel was your fault. If the scooter was never safe, to begin with, you did not cause the accident—Bird did. 

    If your accident was the fault of a third party, they may also be the focus of your lawsuit. For instance, if you were using a Bird scooter and a car struck you. A Bird scooter accident lawyer can examine your case and recommend if you should bring legal action against Bird, the driver who caused the accident, or both.  

    Damages You May Be Able To RecoverMany People Have Died From Bird Scooters In Florida

    If you can prove that Bird scooters were liable for your injuries, a court may award you compensation for the following:

    • Emergency medical care and ambulatory services you required after the accident
    • Medical bills, treatments, or medications related to your injury
    • The estimated future costs of treatment for your injuries
    • Lost wages or reduced earning income if the injuries have prevented your ability to work
    • Pain and Suffering
    • And more

    If your family member died using a Bird scooter, you may be able to sue Bird in a wrongful death lawsuit. This could allow your family to recover compensation under Florida Statute §768.21 for:

    • Funeral and Burial Costs
    • Loss of protection from the deceased
    • Pain and suffering
    • And more

    A Bird scooter accident lawyer in Florida can discuss what compensation may be available in your case during a consultation. 

    A Bird Scooter Accident Lawyer Can Represent You

    If you suffered injuries in an accident on a Bird scooter, you can pursue legal action on your own, or you can hire a personal injury lawyer to fight on your behalf.

    The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato defends the victims of Florida Bird scooter accidents. While you concentrate on your recovery, our firm can:

    • Gather evidence of Bird scooters’ negligence
    • Gather evidence of the full extent of your injuries
    • Negotiate with the insurance companies for a settlement based on this evidence
    • Take the case to court if they are not willing to make you a fair offer

    Contact The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato

    For a free consultation with our Florida-based legal team on your potential Bird scooter lawsuit, call the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today at (954) 633-8270. Our firm works on a contingency-fee-basis with no up-front payments required for our representation.

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