What is emergency room medical malpractice?


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Visiting the emergency room is a harrowing experience. While you expect the hospital to treat you as quickly and effectively as possible, the hectic nature of the ER could lead to mistakes. Do you know what medical malpractice in an emergency room looks like?

Negligence in the ER could include:

  • an incomplete evaluation (vital signs, blood work);
  • laboratory errors;
  • wrong dosage of medication or incorrect medication;
  • understaffed;
  • delayed receipt of care; and
  • general medical negligence .

Of course, given the very nature of emergency medicine , medical professionals may not be expected to provide care at the same level as a specialist who has time to carefully evaluate a patient’s health and condition. But emergency physicians and other ER staff must still follow an acceptable standard of care expected of other reasonable professionals.

What’s more, damages must be present to file a claim. Simply waiting a long time to see a doctor is not grounds for a claim. What would make it grounds would be if your condition was improperly evaluated, and that led to a long wait time that worsened your condition. Your attorney can evaluate the particulars of your case to help you determine whether to file a claim.

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