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Tips To Avoid Vehicle Collision with Wildlife In FL


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    Vehicle Collision With Wildlife In Florida

    Species that are native to Florida that can be hazardous to you and your vehicle if you cross them while driving on the road include:

    • PanthersVehicle Collision with Wildlife in FL
    • Turtles and tortoises
    • Black bears
    • American alligators
    • Crocodiles

    In addition, non-native species such as the many types of snakes found in the Everglades can pose a danger to you and the integrity of your vehicle if they obstruct your path while driving. It is important to know how to avoid Florida’s wildlife while driving, and what to do if you suffer the consequences of a wildlife-induced collision. A Florida car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer can help you determine your legal options if the scenario above is true for you also thy provide information about collision insurance.

    Avoiding Wildlife While Driving Florida’s Roads

    There are several things that you can do to avoid a collision with one of Florida’s many types of wildlife, including:

    • Staying alert when you see signs of possible wildlife crossing
    • When appropriate, turning on your high beam lights when you are traveling at night through areas with a high concentration of wildlife
    • Reducing your Speed
    • Avoiding distracted driving that could take your eyes off of the road

    Sometimes collisions with wildlife happen despite you taking these precautions. When this happens, it can result in injuries to you and the animal. The collision can also result in serious damage to your vehicle–especially if the animal that collided with you was large. 

    Preventable Measures For Reducing Vehicular Collision With Wildlife

    There are several proven methods for reducing drivers’ exposure to colliding with wildlife. A report published by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration details some of the methods that the government has taken to reduce instances of a collision between a driver and wildlife.

    Some of these preventative measures include:

    • Installing non-jumpable or scalable fencing in areas where wildlife is abnormally likely to cross a road
    • Installing underpasses, or wide areas dug beneath a roadway that funnels animals under the roadway
    • Digging culverts (or tunnel passages) underneath roadways where animals are likely to cross
    • Building bridges in certain stretches of the roadway so that animals can pass under the road

    In addition to these measures, local and federal governments are responsible for providing abundant, highly visible signage that indicates the presence of wildlife so that motorists can take necessary caution. 

    A Car Accident Lawyer May be Able to Obtain Compensation For You

    If you were involved in an accident with wildlife and you have not gotten the compensation that you need from your insurer, then a personal injury lawyer can help. Some ways that a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer can assist you to include:

    • Determining the liable party or parties
    • Speaking with your insurance company to see if they will provide you the compensation that you need
    • Representing you in court, if necessary
    • Handling all of the necessary legal steps to complete a case in pursuit of financial awards
    • Defending your rights throughout the legal process

    You May be Able to Pursue Compensation After a Collision With an Animal

    Our team at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato will treat you like family and help you pursue the compensation that you need. Our team includes personal injury lawyers and car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale who are willing to help you. Call us today at (954) 633-8270 for a free consultation regarding your case. 

    Reach out to us today, as the time you have to take action to pursue losses may be limited by statutes of limitations. A Fort Myers car accident lawyer can determine if any existing exemptions may allow you to file after the timeline expires.

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