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Tattoo Artist Killed in Parking Lot of Davie’s Club Eden Strip Club After Argument


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    Tattoo Artist Killed in Parking Lot of Davies Club Eden Strip Club After Argument

    A graffiti and tattoo artist – celebrating his 21st birthday – was killed early Wednesday outside a popular Davie strip club when he was run over by a man in a white Cadillac Escalade following a fight.

    Two groups of men got into an argument about 4 a.m. in the parking lot of Club Eden in the 2100 block of South University Drive. During the brawl, police say, a man got into the Escalade and ran over Jonathan P. Corso, 21, killing him.

    Corso’s mother, Michelle Corso-Mottola, of Pembroke Pines, said her son went to Club Eden Wednesday night with two friends to celebrate his birthday.

    “From what I was told, three guys started picking on my son in the club,” Corso-Mottola, 44, said, fighting back tears.

    “His friends went over and told them to leave him alone. I’m not sure if the scuffle started inside the club or not, but they were outside and Jonathan was walking away when one of the guys jumped in the Escalade and proceeded to charge at him. He hit him and knocked him to the ground, then proceeded to back over him again.”

    Police have not made any arrests but are looking at surveillance tapes of the parking lot handed over by the club.

    “At this time we don’t know what we have – an accident or a homicide,” said Sgt. Rob Choquette of the Davie Police Department. “Investigators are looking into everything right now. They are taking the statements from individuals and witnesses on scene. Once they’ve gathered that evidence they’ll determine if an arrest will be made.”

    The rear window of the late-model Escalade , still parked in front of the club Wednesday afternoon, was blown out.

    Corso-Mottola said her son attended Flanagan High, but never graduated. He made a living drawing tattoos on customers. Corso-Mottola said her son had recently become a father. She said Corso’s son, Maxamillion, recently turned 5 months old.

    “He got in trouble early on because school never really interested him; he was always an artist at heart ,” Corso-Mottola said. “But when he turned 18, he started to turn his life around. All he cared about was art and he was really good at it. He just needed an outlet.”

    Corso, who was arrested once in 2008 for criminal mischief, was known in the South Florida graffiti community as “YNot.”

    A member of the MSG, BUK50 and 28 graffiti crews who have tagged walls and buildings from Palm Beach County through the Keys, Corso was peaceful by nature, his mother said.

    “He was a little scary looking with his hair, his dreads. But he was a little guy, and a sweet kid,” Corso-Mottola said. “I used to get mad at him for the graffiti. He always used to tell me he just wanted to make the world a more beautiful place.”

    Alfredo Campos, a friend of Corso’s who drove by Club Eden Wednesday morning, said Corso was not the type to get involved in a fight.

    “He was an artist, a real cool kid,” Campos said. “From what I heard he was there just to have a good time, celebrate his birthday. It’s just sad.”

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