Liable Parties in a DUI Accident, According to a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney


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    Liable Parties in a DUI Accident, According to a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

    DUI accident liability is tough to prove without the help of a West Palm Beach car accident attorney. When you’re the victim of a DUI accident, it’s not just the drunk driver who is to blame. There are a number of other third parties who can be held liable for the damages and injuries you suffer in the accident. 

    According to Richard P. Pravato, a West Palm Beach car accident attorney, other parties may also hold some responsibility for your wreck:

    • Bars, restaurants, or other alcohol vendors – Under Florida’s Dram Shop Act, an establishment that sells alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person may be held liable if the intoxicated person is involved in an alcohol-related wreck.
    • Employers – If a person causes a DUI accident while driving an employer’s car, performing a work-related duty, or if it happened on company property, the employer may hold liability. Additionally, if an employer knowingly provides alcohol at a work party or function, they also could be held liable in the event of an accident.
    • Passengers – If a passenger provided alcohol to, or participated in the intoxication of the driver, he or she can be held responsible for any resulting collisions.
    • Bartenders or social hosts – If a bartender or host of a party provides alcohol to a minor or already visibly intoxicated person, they may hold liability if a DUI accident results.
    • Police officers – If an officer was in a place to prevent a drunk driver from being on the road, and an accident occurs, the officer can be held liable.

    If you or a loved one was injured in a DUI accident, there may be other parties to blame than just the driver. Call 561-686-0520 to speak with a West Palm Beach car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today to determine liability in your case.

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