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Keep Your Spouse Safe After Happy Hour On Fridays


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    Enjoy the night but be safe

    One of the main concerns of a personal injury attorney is safety. That could mean safety while on the road either as the driver or passenger of a vehicle while walking the streets as a pedestrian while handling equipment on the job, or any other scenario where a person could be seriously harmed or injured.

    Personal injury lawyers exist to help you in the event that either you or your loved one’s safety has been violated in some way, shape, or form, causing you the need to go after another person or entity to claim justice in the form of compensation. At South Florida law firm, we will always fight to win every case and to maximize every claim.

    But we aren’t just here to talk to you about the kinds of services our Florida personal injury law firm can provide. We also want to empower our community with the knowledge needed to stay safe in today’s somewhat wild and crazy world.

    Women’s safety in South Florida is a prioritized topic of discussion, and with recent news stories coming to light about women being taken advantage of by men whom they believed to be their Uber drivers or their actual Uber drivers themselves, we feel it’s the perfect time to discuss tips for women’s safety, especially during and after happy hour, when they may be a little under the influence and not particularly in the right state of mind.

    • Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys stress the importance of being aware of your surroundings. When you’re sitting at a bar or restaurant, pay close attention to your drink and never lose sight of it. Do not let any kind of distraction open the opportunity for something bad to occur, i.e., someone slipping drugs into your drink, switching your glass with a glass that has been drugged, etc.
    • If you do happen to leave your drink alone, even for just one short moment, do not drink it. It’s worth spending the extra money to buy a new one — your life could depend on it. Be aware of the “tag-team” approach, which is similar to the way a pick-pocket team works. One person acts as the distracter, while the other put a date-rape drug into your drink. Nearly 11 million women in the United States have been raped while drunk, so it is definitely worth your time to pay extra attention to everything going on around you while you are out drinking.
    • Confidence is key. As in all self-defense situations, looking and behaving as if you’re confident makes a huge difference. Even if you do not feel 100% sure about your surroundings, it’s crucial that you always appear as though you are in total control of the situation, whether you are walking alone on the street or sitting at a table in a restaurant. No matter where you are, always act like you own the place, even if you do not particularly feel that way. If you look timid, afraid, or nervous because you are alone, you don’t know anyone close-by, or you’re uncomfortable being by yourself, you will attract predators just waiting to pounce on someone who seems unsure of themselves.
    • Sadly, one of the things women are left to deal with while at the bar is intoxicated men who exude much more confidence than they should. If this happens, and he does not leave you alone, it’s time to get firm and strongly advise him to “back off.” If the bar staff does not see the interaction occur, make sure to get someone’s attention so they are well aware of the situation. Do not go anywhere with him, and most definitely do not leave the bar by yourself if you feel as though someone is watching you or bothering you. Do not hesitate or feel embarrassed to ask a bartender or security guard to walk you to your car or wait with you until your cab or Uber arrives. You should never walk anywhere alone if it can be avoided.
    • Speaking of Uber, it’s best not to get into an Uber alone. We suggest taking these strict safety precautions before getting into the car, whether alone (if you absolutely have to) or with another person, to ensure that it is, in fact, the right vehicle.
      1. Wait indoors until the ride has arrived. If possible, ask someone to wait with you.
      2. Make sure the vehicle make and model matches the one listed on your Uber app, and check the license plate as well.
      3. Look for the Uber “beacon,” a new concept Uber has launched. It is a sign on the dashboard that glows in a color chosen by the passenger, so they know for sure this is the car they ordered.
      4. Never get in a car with someone who claims to be an Uber driver and offers you a ride when you did not specifically order it.
      5. Sit in the back seat to ensure there is room on either side of you to exit the car if need be.
      6. Share your status with a friend or family member as soon as you’ve entered the vehicle. Uber has a “Share Status” feature on the app that allows you to do this easily.
      7. Be careful not to share too much information about yourself during the trip. Remember, this is a stranger and there is no need for you to divulge details about yourself personally.
    • Take self-defense courses. Although it is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings, it is smart to have a few moves in your back pocket just in case you find yourself in a situation where you may have to get physical. It’s also a good idea to have some kind of self-defense item on you at all times, i.e., things that can be easily concealed, but also can be retrieved at a moment’s notice if needed.
    • There are actually quite a few safety monitoring Apps available for your phone, but the most efficient feature to use is your phone’s location services. Make sure that someone, i.e., a friend, boyfriend, husband, family member, have you linked into their phone tracking so they are able to tell where you are should a questionable situation arise.

    Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys also want to advise that these same safety tips can be applied to men just as much as they pertain to women. No matter what, at any given time of day, safety should be the main concern for everyone, man or woman.

    If you would like to speak with a personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale regarding information about safety precautions, or you feel as though you may have a personal injury case surrounding a safety issue, contact our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today to schedule your free attorney consultation.

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