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Ten Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Paying Personal Injury Victims


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    Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Deny Paying Personal Injury Victims

    Insurance companies may advertise that they will be there for you financially when you get injured, but after a claim is filed, some insurers may offer less compensation than your entitled amount, or they may try to avoid paying you. 

    When dealing with insurance companies during a personal injury claim, it can help to familiarize yourself with 10 tactics insurers might use on you to reduce or deny your claim. A Fort Myers personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these barriers or even do so on your behalf due to the complex nature of the claims denial process.

    The tactics include:

    Offering a Quick Personal Injury Settlement

    When an insurance company offers a quick settlement, it can entice you to accept less than you deserve. Personal injury victims can be stressed out about their injuries and medical fees, making them vulnerable to saying yes to an initial offer. Once you sign on the dotted line and accept the insurance company’s offer, it can be difficult to come back later and demand more money, even if you are entitled to it.

    Twisting Your Statements

    When you speak with an insurance agent after a car accident, they may be able to use your statements as evidence against your claim later. Remember that you do not need to speak with an insurance company until you are prepared to do so, and you can choose to have a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney speak to insurance companies on your behalf.

    Disputing Your Personal Injury Injuries

    Some insurance companies may try to dispute the severity of the claimant’s injuries, or even outright deny that the victim was hurt at all. Gathering evidence of your injuries can help defend your claim against allegations of deceit or fraud from your insurer.

    Blaming a Pre-Existing Condition

    The insurance company may try to deny that the incident in question caused your injury. One way to defend yourself from this tactic is to seek medical care immediately after your injury. The longer you wait for a doctor’s evaluation of your injuries, the weaker the cause-and-effect link to the accident appears from a legal perspective.

    Making a Partial Offer

    An insurance company might make you an offer for a portion of your injuries or losses when you are entitled to broader compensation. It is important to know the extent of your coverage and losses when evaluating an offer. 

    Using Convoluted Language

    Some insurance policies use dense and complex language that can be confusing or intimidating for personal injury victims to interpret. A personal injury lawyer can help you fully interpret the terms of your policy and explain your legal rights to you. 

    Imposing Arbitrary Deadlines

    An insurance company may attempt to deny your payment by claiming that you missed a filing deadline. They may also imply that you need to make a decision immediately when in reality you still have time to do so since the deadline has not been reached. A Fort Myers personal injury lawyer can help you manage the legal deadlines that pertain to your case so you do not feel rushed or pressured. 

    Delaying the Process

    An insurance company may delay processing your claim or responding to it. Afterward, the insurer may immediately offer to pay you a settlement. This settlement offer may not cover your losses and may be considerably less than you expected. A Fort Myers personal injury attorney can help you understand this tactic so that you do not fall victim to it. 

    Blaming You

    The insurance company may try to blame you for your injuries, which is a tactic that helps absolve them from the claim. This tactic makes it so that your insurer is no longer obligated to pay you an award or compensation. Evidence from the accident, such as photos or witness testimony, can defend your claim.

    Claiming Your Losses Are Not Covered

    An insurance company might claim that your losses are not covered under your policy when in fact they are. A law firm can read your policy and contest an insurance company that is using this tactic.

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