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How do I tell if the truck driver or his or her employer was liable for my injuries in a Boynton Beach truck accident?


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    How do I tell if the truck driver or his or her employer was liable for my injuries in a Boynton Beach truck accident?

    Discussing an 18-wheeler accident with an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Boynton Beachat Wolf & Pravato can help you determine truck accident liability. Liability may lie with the driver, his or her employer, or both. In some cases, the truck driver’s careless or reckless actions may be discovered to be the cause of your crash.

    If one of the following was obvious, then this will likely be key in establishing his or her liability for damages stemming from the accident: 

    • the driver fell asleep at the wheel;
    • the truck driver was intoxicated; or
    • the truck driver broke a traffic law.

    Truck driver negligence comes in many forms such as speeding, texting while driving, and failing to yield, among others. In many circumstances, the driver will be the only one liable for your injuries.

    However, the owners of the company could also be found at fault depending on the circumstances of the accident. For instance, federal trucking regulations mandate the number of hours a driver can operate a commercial vehicle.

    If it was found the driver exceeded the time allowed behind the wheel and the employer was aware, or even required it, this could lead to liability for both parties.

    Another example would be if the employer knew the driver wasn’t adequately trained or had a history of driving violations. Foreknowledge of insufficient training or violations could lead to responsibility on the employer’s part.

    If dealing with an 18-wheeler accident, your lawyer in Boynton Beach will workto uncover liability for your accident and injuries including: 

    • retrieving information from the black box of the truck;
    • the driver’s logbook; and
    • employee work records.

    Contacting a Lawyer after an 18-Wheeler Crash

    Establishing truck accident liability can be a challenge and will usually require time to collect evidence. This is why you should get started on your case as soon as possible. A lawyer in Boynton Beach at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can review your 18-wheeler accident. So don’t delay, call us to schedule an appointment – 561-686-0520 or 954-633-8270.

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