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Grass Clippings Cause Motorcycle Accidents


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    Road Dangers is Grass Clippings

    For motorcyclists, there are many dangers on the road, such as puddles, potholes, and ice. One of the lesser-known road dangers is grass clippings. Yes, it may be a surprise for you, but grass clipping can also cause motorcycle accidents.

    Grass clippings are not a big trouble for cars and other four-wheeled vehicles, but for motorcyclists, it can be a huge risk. Motorcycles have to maintain contact with the pavement with both tires, especially while taking turns. Since grass clipping is mostly water, when it comes between the motorcycle tires and road, it reduces the friction and can result in a slip. If motorcyclists are unable to slow down or switch the lane to avoid clipping, it could lead to an accident. 

    Is it Illegal to Place Grass Clippings on the Road in Florida?Grass Clippings Cause Motorcycle Accidents

    Knowing the danger, there is a law passed in some states for grass clippings. According to it, it is illegal for homeowners and landscapers to place injury or accident-causing substances on the road. If grass clipping ends up on the road, then it is a legal obligation for homeowners to remove it as soon as possible from the street. 

    Most people do not know about the danger of grass clipping placed in their street and get surprised when a motorcycle accident happens. Hence, it is essential to spread awareness about it.

    The danger poses more for careless motorcyclists who text while driving, or drive recklessly, or at high speed.

    Are Lawn Care Companies Liable for Accidents? 

    Whether mentioned in law or not, it is the responsibility of lawn care companies to maintain safe working conditions. 

    Well, it is not only an opinion but a stern warning by Florida motorcycle accident attorneys to not blow grass clipping into the road. 

    If a motorcyclist is riding with due care and fails to see the heap of grass clipping lying on the road. In this case, the lawn company is responsible for not maintaining safe working conditions for the community. Grass clippings and other debris should be disposed of properly and not blown in the middle of the road.   

    A simple act of negligence of blowing grass clipping on the road can save someone’s life.

    Though no law is applicable for this illegal practice, the lawn care company can still be sued for its negligence that caused an accident. 

    How to Obtain Recovery?

    There is no such way for motorcyclists to legally recover from the accident caused due to discharged grass in the road. However, there are three ways with which you can recover your losses. 

    The first way is by considering the case as a typical motorcycle accident. The second way is by claiming uninsured motorcyclist coverage. And the third way is by claiming a general negligence claim

    Let us understand more about it with the help of the following example scenarios – 

    Scenario 1: Grass Debris littering on the road cause motorcycle accident 

    The work vehicle with lawn debris is littering the road with debris including grass clippings. The motorcyclist behind it has no option to avoid the grass clippings. In this case, the motorcyclist can file a complaint against the insurance company of the driver to get the MedPay – the no-fault medical coverage under your auto coverage.

    Scenario 2: Lawn Debris in roadways from an Unknown Source

    The motorcyclist is driving and sees that some work vehicle is dropping the debris including grass clippings and it causes the accident. In this scenario, no at-fault driver was identified, and it is only an understanding that such a thing has happened (witness statement). In this case, the motorcyclist can claim under an uninsured motorist coverage and get the Medpay. This case is treated similarly to a typical motorcycle accident. 

    Scenario 3: Lawn Care Company blow Grass Clipping on Road leads to a Motorcycle Accident Motorcycle Accidents

    With due care, a motorcyclist is driving through the roadway beside the lawn care company and fails to notice the pile of grass clippings lying on the road. In this case, the lawn care company is at fault as they are negligent and are failing to maintain safe working conditions. As you are on a motorcycle, you can use your Medpay, but the claim would be against the company’s auto coverage or the umbrella policy. 

    Recovering damages is the only half of the battle but preventing the cause is in the first place. Spreading awareness is the key. 

    Who Should You Contact for a Motorcycle Accident Due to Grass Clipping? 

    Even if the grass clipping is placed intentionally in the roadway for causing the accident, it is not illegal. However, since a motorcyclist met an accident due to it, the lawn care company or the person placing the grass clipping is responsible. The victim can sue them and ask to pay for damages. For the rightful compensation for damages, contacting an experienced and expert motorcycle accident attorney is essential. Consult with Wolf and Pravato if you have been injured by a grass clipping accident. Our Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyers can help you recover your damages.

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