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    Accidents Caused by Trucks in Miami

    The trucking companies, warehouses, and private sector in the U.S. employ an estimated 8.9 million people in trucking-related jobs and nearly 3.5 million are truck drivers. The U.S. is estimated to have 15.5 million trucks driving on our roads and 2 million of these are tractor-trailers.

    Trucks can be found everywhere – on country roads, Interstates, small towns, and cities throughout Miami. They’re on the road during the day and night, and any time you drive or ride in a car, cycle, or go walking you are almost guaranteed to see a truck. With so many trucks on the roadways, it’s not surprising that the rate of truck accidents is especially high.

    Injuries from Truck Accidents, Including Fatalities

    Our experience representing clients involved in truck accidents has made us terribly aware of the damage a truck collision can cause. Most disturbing is the fact that many of these truck wrecks are a result of negligence.

    Unfortunately, due to a truck’s large size and heavyweight, truck accidents are much more severe than a typical car accident and can result in grave injuries, like brain injury, spinal cord injury, and even death. A vehicle involved in a truck accident is most likely to be totaled and left undrivable, leaving you without transportation.

    Wolf & Pravato, a truck accident law firm in Miami, focuses on representing individuals and their family members in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, such as those often involved in trucking accidents. Whether you were the passenger of another car hit by a truck, or a truck driver injured due to an unsafe load – you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

    When You Need to File a Miami Truck Injury Claim, Experience Counts

    Our truck accident attorneys understand the factors involved in truck accidents and can handle the complicated issues surrounding your case. We’re highly experienced with handling insurance companies who are reluctant to fully compensate their customers – and we know how to get around the red tape that often holds up proper medical care and compensation.

    We will fight to protect your rights and make sure you receive the highest possible compensation for your pain and suffering, recover lost wages, receive compensation for medical expenses, and get the full range of the medical attention you need.

    We’ve handled many personal injury cases involving truck accidents including:

    • An 11-year-old boy ran into the street and was struck by a truck. The boy suffered extensive injuries and required multiple surgical procedures. The investigating officers performed a cursory investigation and concluded that the boy was solely at fault for the accident. Wolf & Pravato proved the truck driver was not paying proper attention and the accident could have been avoided. The case was litigated and resulted in a recovery of the full insurance policy limits, which exceeded one million dollars.
    • A tractor-trailer carrying a large load of steel building beams turned in front of a bus bench and the entire load slid off the truck and crushed a young man’s leg and trapped him. Wolf & Pravato quickly dispatched our top engineering team to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the 18-wheeler and discovered the load was improperly secured. Prior to entering the courtroom, the case was settled for $3.85 million dollars.
    • A woman in her Ford Explorer waited at a red light when a driver recklessly lost control of his truck. While traveling at high speed, the driver made a right turn, flipped the truck on its side, and crushed the Ford Explorer with our client in it, killing her. Our client was survived by an adult daughter and granddaughter. This seven-figure settlement is confidential.

    The team at Wolf & Pravato is experienced with this area of law, which means an experienced Florida personal injury attorney leads every Miami truck accident personal injury case we handle. We are committed to seeking the maximum compensation available for every client.

    Fighting for Victims

    While you need to act quickly, it’s also important to exercise great care in choosing a Miami truck accident lawyer. You’ll want to carefully ask questions of any truck accident attorney before you hire him or her to get an idea of:

    • How they plan to approach your truck accident personal injury claim;
    • How they calculate the compensation needed to address all injuries from the truck accident – not just those that are readily apparent to the eye, such as broken bones; and
    • If they will delve into issues of “second collision claims” that look at whether a manufacturer defect played a role in the truck accident.

    When you hire our firm, we will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident. When appropriate, we will bring in the best accident reconstruction experts, engineers, road construction specialists, and any other experts necessary to help us build the most compelling case on your behalf. We pursue every available option in an effort to secure the best possible result.

    After a truck Accident, Our Lawyers Can Help

    If you’ve been the victim of an accident caused by a truck or are a truck driver hurt while handling unsafe cargo, our experienced truck accident attorneys can help. The sooner you contact our law firm, the sooner we can start collecting evidence to prove your case.

    Every day, truck drivers risk their lives and the lives of other drivers. Our law firm has compiled the following statistics to bring awareness to the dangers of truck accidents to encourage increased safety.

    • There are approximately 500,000 truck accidents each year and from these accidents, there are approximately 5,000 deaths each year.
    • About 2% of the truck collision fatalities each year are truck drivers, and the other 98% are the individuals in passenger vehicles or non-occupants such as cyclists and pedestrians.
    • One in eight traffic fatalities involves a truck collision.
    • In 2008, 68% of all fatal truck accidents occurred in rural areas.
    • In 2008, 66% of all fatal truck accidents occurred during daylight hours.

    Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney team at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato understands what these figures mean in the grand scheme of things, but also how each and every truck accident can mean personal devastation for a victim and his or her family. Our attorneys are experienced in all types of automobile accidents including Drunk Driving, Negligent Driving, and Hit & Run. If you have been injured by a distracted or negligent truck driver – contact the Miami Personal Injury Lawyers at Wolf & Pravato today for help with the challenges you may face in a commercial trucking accident.

    Wolf and Pravato are based in Florida but are here to help victims and their families from Miami to Ft. Myers. Get in touch with us today by taking advantage of our free legal evaluation.

    We help the victim of a truck accident in the following cities also:

    Dawn Thomas

    “I would highly recommend Wolf & Pravato. The whole team was highly professional and helpful. They kept me informed ever step of the way. That actually make you realize you are not just a number but a member of their family that they care what happens with your case. Thank You Richard Pravato and Betsy for all you have done to make this as painless as possible”.

    Dawn Thomas, Personal Injury Victim

    Katherine K.

    “Words cannot begin to explain the gratitude I have for Vincent and Richard Provato and their staff. I have taken a long and hard two year journey through recovering from my accident and they were there with me and for me every step of the way. If you can put your faith in anything, put it in this, that this firm did their job and never had me question their ability to do so once.

    Katherine K., Personal Injury Victim

    Tony Martorano, victim of a car accident

    “The $1 million helped me pay my
    medical bills and my UM coverage…”

    Tony Martorano, victim of a car accident

    Joan and Gordon Bedall

    “The Wolf and Pravato Law firm really went to bat for my wife, who was in a horrible auto crash. Having someone on your side who truly cares about your well being the future good health is worth all the money in the world!

    Joan Bedall, victim of a car accident