Florida Accident Stats 2018


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2018 Florida Accident Stats

While some accidents are simple rear-end collisions or fender benders, bad car accidents can result in injuries or even fatalities. Like other states, law enforcement agencies in Florida submit accident reports, and we can compile statistics using these reports.

Statewide Accident Statistics Show Decreasing Injuries, Fatalities

Florida motor vehicle accidents decreased in 2018 over 2017, but only by a little more than one percent. Statewide, agencies reported there were 397,812 total accidents reported in 2018. This includes 251,970 injuries and 3,004 fatalities. This is an improvement over the previous year. According to records, there were 402,489 total traffic accidents reported in 2017. More than 254,300 people suffered injuries, and there were 3,114 deaths on Florida roads in 2017.

While this is a downward trend, there is still a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths over just a few years ago. However, more people are on the roads and traveling to the Sunshine State.

A Closer Look at Florida Traffic Accident Statistics in 2018

Not all traffic accidents involve only passenger vehicles. Luckily, the number of truck and commercial vehicle accidents and the number of car versus pedestrian and car versus bicycle accidents also decreased in 2018. Unfortunately, though, there were more fatalities of pedestrians and cyclists in 2018 over the previous year.

2018 2017
Commercial Vehicle Accidents 44,606 43,920
Pedestrian Accidents 9,192 9,424
Pedestrian Deaths 668 658
Bicycle Accidents 6,499 6,677
Cyclist Deaths 140 128


County-by-County Statistics

While many car accidents in Florida are simple fender benders, many others involve injuries and even fatalities. By understanding the statistics for a bad car accident in South Florida, it may be possible to prevent future accidents. Here is a breakdown of the 2018 statistics by county in our service area:

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County is the largest county in Florida. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population to be 2.752 million as of 2017. Law enforcement agencies in Miami-Dade County reported the following traffic accidents for 2018:

  • Total Crashes: 63,034
  • Injury Crashes: 20,704
  • Total Individuals Injured: 30,562
  • Total Traffic Fatalities: 299

Broward County

While Broward County is smaller than neighboring Miami-Dade County, with only 1.936 million residents, Broward County is more densely populated. With almost 1,445 people per square mile, people live closer together and must cross paths more in Broward County. The 2018 traffic accident statistics for Broward County, Florida, include:

  • Total Crashes: 40,560
  • Injury Crashes: 16,482
  • Total Individuals Injured: 24,329
  • Total Traffic Fatalities: 202

Palm Beach County

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Palm Beach County had 1.471 million residents as of 2017. Expressways I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike cut through the county, in addition to U.S. 1 and SR A1A. These major roads bring a lot of traffic into the county from other areas of the state. The 2018 traffic accident statistics for Palm Beach County include:

  • Total Crashes: 26,521
  • Injury Crashes: 10,502
  • Total Individuals Injured: 15,725
  • Total Traffic Fatalities: 166

Monroe County

Monroe County encompasses the southwest tip of the Florida mainland and the Florida Keys. It contains Key West, Key Largo, Marathon, and Islamorada. The main highway through Monroe County is U.S. 1, which runs the length of the Florida Keys.

Census Bureau estimates the county population to be 77,013 as of 2017. The 2018 traffic accident statistics for Collier County, Florida, include:

  • Total Crashes: 1,566
  • Injury Crashes: 623
  • Total Individuals Injured: 931
  • Total Traffic Fatalities: 16

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