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Motorcycle Crash Rate in the US by Year


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    Motorcycle Crash Rate in the US by Year

    One question that most of the commuters think about is the danger involved in riding a motorbike. Most of us think that motorcycle fatalities and injuries are mostly the ones that occur in motorcycle racing. However, that’s not the case. Going through this article, you will know that the general commuter forms the majority in this fatal list. So, here we go through the risks involved in riding a motorcycle and some stats that will prove the same.  

    Deaths and Injuries Per Year

    A simple google search will be enough to find out that the number of motorcycle fatalities in the US has been increasing in the last two decades. The number of deaths that used to be around 3000s and 4000s in the 70s and the 80s had been drastically reduced by the late 80s to the range of 2000s by the 1990s. The numbers had started rising by the mid-2000s again and have been above 4000s since. The number of injuries has also been in very high numbers above 80,000 and has even crossed 100,000 once in 2007.

    Types of Motorcycle AccidentsFatal Motorcycle Crash Rate in US

    Most of the fatal motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions with passenger cars. Among them, the most common occurrences are when the cars turn, and the other situation is when a biker tries to go past a car. 

    The other cases of two-vehicle accidents involve the bike crashing into the vehicle ahead of it. The stats in 2012 show that 75% of the two-vehicle accidents were of this kind and of which only 7% involved the bike hitting the rear. However, half of the fatal accidents were two-vehicle crashes, and others were single-vehicle crashes onto a fixed object. 

    Other risks involved with motorcycles are the objects that come onto the road other than vehicles. These objects could be potholes, animals, or even uneven pavements. Another risk in motorcycles is to obtain proper breaking during a panic stop. Most of the accidents occur due to loss of vehicle control during the panic of a sudden turn or sudden disturbances in the road. Contact motorcycle accident lawyers now.

    Types of Bike Injuries

    The main distribution will be to categorize them into fatal and non-fatal injuries. Based on reported fatal accidents, there are 80% more chances of injury or death on a motorcycle than on passenger vehicles. 

    Non-fatal injuries on motorcycles include the danger of paralysis. Motorcycle accidents are a major contributor to spinal cord injuries. The paralysis injuries can at times cost more than the price of the motorcycle itself. The cost of treating paralysis injuries can be anywhere from 300 thousand to 1 million USD.

    Compare the Accidents Involved with Other Vehicles

    If we compare the accidents involved with other heavy vehicles and motorcycles, we will find that the numbers are far less for trucks and passenger cars. The passenger cars and trucks have not hit the 3-digit mark in the number of accidents involved, while in the case of motorcycles, the numbers have always been in the four digits, reaching up to 5000 a few times. 

    When made by the engine size, the comparison shows that the higher the engine size, the more in the fatality count. In the year 2013, for engine size under 1000cc, the number of fatalities was 1951, but for the engine in the 1000 to 1400 cc range, there were 692 fatalities and 1276 for the engines over 1400cc.


    As the stats have observed that most of the recorded vehicle accidents and the vehicle accidents that resulted in deaths include motorcycles, it will be advisable to make a proper choice while getting a motorcycle. Most of these accidents are due to loss of control while making a turn or while taking over another vehicle. So, a better way to go about it will be to look for a motorcycle with good control and braking and avoid unnecessary take-overs on the road. 

    Another important thing to consider is that many of the two-vehicle collisions, including motorcycles, had occurred when the other vehicles could not spot the motorcycles while crossing the traffic. So, it is highly recommended to always be in the line of sight of other vehicles on the road. 

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