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Difference Between Slip & Fall and a Trip & Fall


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    Slip & Fall and a Trip & Fall

    The difference between a slip and fall injuries and a trip and fall accident has to do with how the accident occurred. Both types of accidents may be classified as premises liability cases, yet they differ in that:

    • A slip and fall accident involves a person who fell because of a slippery surface
    • A trip and fall accident involves a person who fell because of a walking hazard

    Please Contact our Fort Lauderdale slip and fall accident lawyer for your Slip and fall case.

    Whether you fell because you slipped or tripped, you might qualify to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit to pursue compensation for the losses related to your injury. You may be able to hire a personal injury lawyer to pinpoint the party or parties who might be held liable for your damages. These parties may include:

    • A business owner or manager
    • A property owner or manager
    • A construction company or site manager
    • A municipality that manages public premises
    • A third party who caused your fall

    Slips, Trips, and Falls All Fall Under Premises Liability Cases

    According to the Florida Statutes § 768.0755, a business may be held liable if a person falls on their premises due to a hazard that should have been remedied had the business take proper precautions. A business may also be considered negligent if they knew about or should have known about a hazard and neglected to take action to keep others safe on their property. Contact our Fort Myers slip and fall accident attorney at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato for your slip and fall-related case.

    Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents both have multiple causes, and they can both lead to several personal injuries. Victims who fall on another person’s property may be able to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit and assign fault to the property owner or manager based on premises liability. You can contact our Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents might occur because:

    • A floor was slippery due to a spill, wax, or cleaning fluids
    • There were loose objects on the floor, such as a cloth rug, paper, or rags
    • The ground was slippery due to environmental factors, such as rain

    Trip and Fall Accidents

    Trip and fall accidents might occur because:

    • There were loose objects left out on the walking path, such as cables and cords, toolboxes, and mops
    • A property’s sidewalk or walking path had cracks or was uneven
    • The flooring was broken or dipped suddenly

    You Might Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Fall Injuries

    Victims of slips, trips, and fall accidents might be able to receive compensation for:

    • Medical treatment costs, such as the costs for X-ray exams, surgeries, and doctor’s appointments
    • Medical equipment costs, such as the costs for crutches or wheelchairs
    • Rehabilitation or physical therapy costs
    • Pain and suffering in general
    • Lost income if the slip or trip and fall injuries prevent the victim from working during their recovery process
    • Reduced earning capacity if the fall injury permanently prevents the victim from performing their regular work duties

    A Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer may suggest other potentially recoverable damages related to your case.

    Make Sure to Comply with the Statute of Limitations

    If you are interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit, you must comply with the statute of limitations in Florida. According to the Florida Statutes § 95.11, you generally have four years to file your personal injury lawsuit.

    If you wait longer than four years to take legal action for your injuries, your lawsuit may be dismissed. You might want to work with a lawyer on your case as soon as possible to file your case on time.

    Our Law Firm Handles Both Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Cases

    Whether your injury was caused by a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident, the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato may be able to help you pursue compensation for the damages you experienced.

    We represent fall victims across South Florida. Our legal team takes pride in being responsive and attentive to all our clients, so we are ready to listen to your story and learn how your accident impacted your life.

    If you are still unsure about what kind of accident case your situation falls under, one of our team members can explain in more detail what the difference between slips, trips, and falls is.

    Call (954) 633-8270 to speak with one of our representatives at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today. No matter how you slipped or tripped and fell, we invite you to call for a free case review.

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