When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


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Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer 

You may be trying to decide how to recover compensation after an accident caused by someone else. While you can negotiate for a settlement or file a lawsuit in court on your own, there are significant benefits to hiring a personal lawyer.

The good news is, many personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation call so you can speak with them about your case and make an informed decision.

You should contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. They may want to get started on your case immediately. There are also legal deadlines or statutes of limitations, that may apply to your case, such as those under Florida Statute §95.11. If these expire before you act, you could lose your right to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.  

When You Can Hire a Personal Injury AttorneyFort Myers Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers defend victims who have suffered injuries due to the negligent actions of another party. There are many types of incidents that fall under the umbrella of personal injury law. They include: 

  • Car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents 
  • Slip, trip, and fall cases
  • Defective product injuries
  • Medical malpractice cases 
  • Negligent conditions or construction
  • Negligent security
  • And more

If you were injured in one of these incidents, or in any other situation caused by someone else’s negligent behavior, you may have a personal injury case. A personal injury lawyer can discuss your accident and advise you on the next steps forward when you contact them. 

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Manage All of Your Casework

When a Fort Myers personal injury attorney represents you, they take the legal work out of your hands so that you can concentrate on your recovery. These services may include:

  • Answering your questions, keeping you informed, and offering legal advice throughout the case
  • Managing all legal deadlines, paperwork, and communications for you
  • Determining who is liable for your injuries
  • Gathering evidence to prove that liability
  • Gathering evidence of the full extent of your damages
  • Hiring medical or vocational experts to testify in your defense, if needed
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement offer
  • Suing them in court if they are not willing to make you a fair offer  

The evidence gathering and negotiation phases of a personal injury case are particularly important, as insurance companies may try to offer victims an initial lowball settlement offer. If the claimant rejects that offer and shows the insurance company evidence of a higher value case, the insurance company’s offer may increase because they know the evidence will stand up in court. 

You May Not Need To Pay a Personal Injury Lawyer Up Front

As stated by the Federal Trade Commission on hiring a lawyer, many personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency-fee basis where they do not take up-front payments. In this arrangement, the lawyer’s payment comes as a percentage of your settlement offer or court awards if and when you win. This contingency takes the burden of investing funds into research and evidence gathering off of the victim.

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The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato represents personal injury victims in South Florida. If you are considering hiring a lawyer in your personal injury case, we would love to hear from you. 

Call us today for a free consultation at (954) 633-8270. We can answer your questions about representation and what type of outcome you can expect in your personal injury case. We want you to feel confident and informed when you choose to work with us. 

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