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Cause of Truck Accident Injuries By Mechanical Failures


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    What are Mechanical Failures?

    Mechanical failures do cause truck accident injuries. This is important for truck accident victims to know, as those responsible for a mechanical failure may be liable for their injuries. If you or a loved one was injured due to a mechanical failure, you must determine who is at fault. 

    Who is Responsible for Mechanical Failures in Trucks?truck accident attorney West Palm Beach

    Mechanical failures can be the fault of multiple parties. Those who may be responsible for a mechanical failure include:

    • A truck manufacturer
    • The manufacturer of a specific truck component
    • The truck owner
    • The truck driver
    • A mechanic
    • The person who sold the truck

    Mechanical failures can stem from different causes. The precise reason for a mechanical failure can determine who is responsible for your accident. For more help contact a Florida truck accident lawyer.

    Reasons for Mechanical Failure

    Mechanical failures stem from an underlying cause. Professionals in the automotive industry can diagnose the root cause of the mechanical failure that caused your accident. Some possible causes of a mechanical failure are:

    • Driving a vehicle too fast for road or weather conditions, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cites as a cause of truck accidents
    • A defect in a vehicle component
    • An error in the assembly of a component or vehicle system
    • The use of low-quality materials in a vehicle part
    • Failure to service or maintain vehicle components 
    • Misuse of a vehicle component
    • A mechanic’s failure to diagnose a problem

    A driver may generally be responsible for keeping their vehicle in good condition. In some cases, however, they may not have reason to suspect that their vehicle is dangerous. This may be the case when a part or vehicle is defective at the time of sale.

    A Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyer who handles truck accident cases involving mechanical failure from our firm can help diagnose the cause of your accident.

    Vehicle Components That Can Cause Accidents When They Fail

    Some parts of a vehicle are more important than others. When certain components on a vehicle fail, they may present an outsize risk of causing an accident. Critical components on a truck or other vehicle include:

    • Tires
    • Brakes
    • Engines
    • Suspension systems
    • Steering components
    • Transmissions
    • Windshields

    Trucks also carry heavy cargo. The mechanisms that keep a trailer or cargo attached to the truck present a great danger when they fail. The integrity of components that keep a cargo trailer closed is also of great importance. Even seemingly minor defects or failures can cause disastrous outcomes.

    Mechanical Failure Leads to Accident

    Accidents are the primary negative outcome of mechanical failure. A mechanical failure can lead to:

    • A vehicle stalling in a busy roadway
    • A vehicle failing to brake, slamming into other vehicles or fixed objects
    • Loss of headlight function while driving at night
    • Fire
    • Inability to turn a vehicle

    Mechanical failures can cause truck accidents and injuries that lead to:

    • Death
    • Permanent disability
    • The loss of one’s earning power
    • The loss of physical and cognitive abilities
    • Financial costs
    • Pain and suffering

    The harm caused by mechanical failures in trucks can be greater than mechanical failures in other vehicles. 

    As the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains, occupants of smaller vehicles are extremely vulnerable to injury or death when a truck strikes them. Therefore, a truck’s mechanical failure is generally more dangerous than a failure affecting a passenger vehicle.

    How to determine fault for a mechanical failure?

    If you hire a lawyer from our firm for a legal case or insurance claim, they will take certain steps to determine fault for your accident.

    Determining why a mechanical failure happened

    Someone well-versed in automotive matters will likely be necessary to determine why a mechanical failure happened. That person may be able to review evidence from the accident, and possibly the truck’s black box, to find the reason for mechanical failure.

    Identifying who caused the mechanical failure

    Once you know the reason for the mechanical failure, you can then determine who is responsible for it. The failure may occur at the level of the driver or truck owner, as may be the case if the truck was not properly maintained. A manufacturer or vehicle seller could also be responsible. 

    Gathering Supporting Documentation

    Without documentation, liability for a mechanical failure may be based on hearsay or speculation. Some types of documentation that can reinforce who is liable for a mechanical failure include:

    • Photographs of defective components
    • Reconstructions of the accident
    • Testing of identical components for defects
    • Scientific analysis  

    A lawyer from our firm can help you document the mechanical failure that caused your accident.

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