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$765,000 Settlement – Truck Accident


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    Truck Accident Settlement

    In August 2015, Jane D. was on vacation in Iowa.  As she was slowing to make a right-hand turn, a large construction truck struck her from behind.  The damage to Jane’s vehicle was extensive, resulting in the vehicle being deemed a total loss.  Jane suffered severe injuries to her head, neck, and back.  She underwent lumbar spine surgery, a discectomy, in August of 2015.

    laminectomy Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Unfortunately, Jane had significant complications following her surgery and she began to experience progressively worsening lower back pain with left-sided sciatica.  A repeat lumbar MRI revealed persistent abnormalities in the spine.  Jane underwent a lumbar epidural steroid injection in February 2016.  Finally, in an effort to resolve her ongoing lumbar pain and nerve damage, Jane underwent a second lumbar spine decompression and laminectomy in October 2016.

    Jane was employed as an emergency room technician before the accident and has not been able to return to that job as it requires lifting and other strenuous activities. Jane lives in South Florida with her dog and is eager to return to a normal life.  As the litigation team at the Law Offices Wolf & Pravato, PA was preparing to file a lawsuit in Iowa for Jane’s losses and for the severe personal injuries she sustained,  the defense for the construction truck agree to settle the case for a total amount of $765,000.00.

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    Attorney Vincent Pravato and his partner and brother, Richard Pravato, were co-lead counsel on Jane’s case.  Vincent Pravato said, “Jane was once a super healthy lady who enjoyed practicing Kung Fu and a healthy lifestyle.  In the blink of an eye, her world was shattered.  At times, I witnessed the devastating pain and severe nerve damage literally take her off her feet and knock the wind out of her.  I am happy that today she has improved and is doing much better.”

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