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Britax Recalls 37 Car Seat Models – Defective Part Could Render Them Useless


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    Here’s a pretty big recall concerning infant and child safety. If you know anybody with small children, please make sure you read this blog post and let friends and family know about this important recall. Britax is recalling 37 models of its car seats due to a potential safety defect that could prevent the harnesses from locking. As of now, Britax said nobody has reported an injury due to the defectively manufactured piece.

    Britax is conducting a voluntary safety recall on Advocate ClickTight, Boulevard ClickTight, and Marathon ClickTight model convertible car seats that were manufactured August 1, 2014 through July 29, 2015 because these models may have a defective harness adjuster button that stays in the “release” position when the harness is tightened. This will enable the shoulder harnesses to loosen from a child’s movements while secured in the seat.

    The following U.S. and Canadian models numbers are part of the recall:

    USA:E9LT95Q, E9LT95Z, E9LT95N, E1A025Q, E9LT86F, E1A135Q, E9LT86G, E9LT85Q, E9LT86A, E9LT86H, E9LT85S, E1A015Q, E1A016A, E1A016H, E1A166F, E9LT87J, E1A116L, E9LT76P, E9LT71Q, E9LT76N, E9LT76B, E9LT75R, E9LT76L, E1A006B, E1A005R

    Canada: E9LV31Q, E9LV35R, E9LV36B, E9LV36L, E9LV36N, E9LV45Q, E9LV45S, E9LV46A, E9LV46H, E9LV55N, E9LV55Q, E9LV55Z

    To fix the problem, Britax is mailing a free remedy kit to all registered owners of the recalled car seats within 7-10 business days of the announcement. The remedy kit includes one (1) non-toxic food-grade lubricant, a label indicating that the remedy has been completed, as well as an instruction sheet for applying the lubricant to the red harness adjuster button.

    If you own a Britax car seat and are not sure if your model is part of the recall, the Britax website has a tool on their website that allows you to enter your serial number, model number, and date manufactured and will tell you if your car seat is part of the recall.

    You can get additional information on the recall on this Britax web page, by emailing or phoning 1 (888) 427-4829 for the U.S. and Canada or (704) 409-1699 for all other countries.

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