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What types of records do I need to obtain as evidence for my claim?


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    What types of records do I need to obtain as evidence for my claim?

    Truck accident evidence is critical in order to build a strong case. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), in 2010 there were a total of 3,329 crashes involving a heavy truck. Of those, 58 resulted in fatalities and 1,821 caused injuries. When sharing the road with a large truck, be especially cautious and drive defensively.


    Some of the records that can be especially helpful in proving liability are those in the hands of the driver and/or trucking company. A lawyer may submit what’s called a spoliation letter. This is a written form of communication in which the attorney asks that a list of evidence be saved and not destroyed.

    For instance, the driver’s logbook could help in establishing how much time the driver spent on the road and if he or she exceeded the federally allowed number of hours. Discrepancies in driving, rest and sleep time could help prove the driver’s negligence.

    Another piece of truck accident evidence that may show liability is the driver’s records. This includes past driving violations, training that was received and other relevant pieces of information that could prove the driver was inexperienced or unfit for operating a big rig.

    Your own records may also be used to build a case. This could include the police report,photographs and statements from witnesses.

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