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Tire Tread Separation


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    Florida Tire Tread Separation Attorneys

    Even well-made tires wear out over time. All tires can fail due to road hazards and punctures. But the tread should not separate from the body of the tire. Tread separation due to design and manufacturing defects can cause tires to fail catastrophically long before the tread is worn out.

    Tire tread separation can be caused by a number of manufacturing or design conditions that result in a lack of adhesion between the steel belts such as contaminants, inadequate curing, improper belt wiping or placement, and lack of known safety components such as nylon cap flies or belt edge wedges.  Poorly designed tires can experience premature failure due to fatigue or stress-cracking in the rubber, which can accelerate tread separation.

    How Tread Separation Causes Accidents?

    Tire tread separation can begin slowly, but ends catastrophically, often causing rollover accidents. As the tread begins to come off the tire, it creates drag, pulling the vehicle in the direction of the damaged tire. Faced with an emergency, drivers react by steering in the opposite direction to keep the vehicle going straight.

    When the tread finally separates from the tire, the drag quickly disappears and the driver counter-steers again. It is at this point that the vehicle may unexpectedly start to slide out and begin to yaw. This can lead to a rollover. Tests have shown that even professional drivers are unable to keep vehicles on the road under these conditions.

    If you have been injured in an accident involving belt separation or a recalled tire, please contact the Florida personal injury attorneys at the law office of Wolf & Pravato. for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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