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Toyota’s Acceleration Problem May Caused By Tin Whiskers


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    Over the past years, Toyota has been battling a crisis in consumer confidence as some of its best-selling vehicles have apparently been prone to accelerating rapidly even when the driver steps on the brakes.  Toyota has maintained that its electronic system is not to blame, even for many lethal accidents.  Toyota has blamed the floor mats or Toyota has insisted that moisture has caused the pedals to stick.

    When NASA conducted an investigation, it found no evidence of electronic malfunctions, according to the resulting report.  However, buried within that same report are details that safety experts construe as disturbing evidence of problems potentially afflicting the electronic systems governing the gas pedal — problems that Toyota and the highway safety agency have so far dismissed, as reported by The Huffington Post.

    Investigators found so-called tin whiskers — which grow on tin when it is electrified and can conduct electricity to unintended places — inside the electronic systems in Toyota Camry gas pedals, according to the report. These wiry fibers of metal are thinner than a human hair and can sprout unpredictably. They have been implicated in crippling defects besetting a range of equipment, including communications satellites, pacemakers, missiles and nuclear power plants, as reported by The Huffington Post.

    The study does not make the final conclusion that the tinny whiskers are the actual cause in fatal accidents where sudden acceleration occurred.  However, the safety experts agree that the confirmed presence of tin whiskers indicates that a thorough investigation is needed as any sudden acceleration, even at slow speeds, can cause a car to run a stop sign, perhaps resulting in fatalities.

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