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Teenagers and Convertibles


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    A South Florida Teen’s Dream Car

    Your teenager has just turned 16 and is more than ready to drive off on their own, in their own car. Of course, they’re begging for something new — something bright and beautiful that they can show off at school and ride around town in with their friends. And in South Florida, they’re likely to be begging for a convertible.

    Are Convertibles Safe

    In South Florida, it’s almost always convertible-weather. The sky is clear, the weather is warm, and the wind can sometimes even feel refreshing as it cools you down from the hot summer sun. While convertibles may be summertime cars in other parts of the country, in South Florida, they are a mainstay.

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    How much more dangerous are convertibles?

    Our team of Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys at the law offices of Wolf & Pravato, a Florida personal injury law firm, wants you to know the facts when it comes to these particular types of cars.

    Convertibles may be a “car lover’s car,” but they really are not the most practical choice out there. For one, they are typically much smaller and do not hold as many passengers as a traditional closed-top sedan or SUV. They also tend to have much less space for things — purses and briefcases, shopping bags, coolers, beach chairs, etc., or even passengers, for that matter.

    Why are convertibles is bad or not safe choice?

    Convertibles are much more about the look and feel than they are about practicality. Even convertible-owners will admit to that. That’s not the draw. The draw is now open and free they are, and even how “young” they may make older owners feel — but it’s that openness that is also the main reason why convertibles are not the safest choice for a vehicle, especially for our young children when they first begin driving.

    Without the same kind of physical framework that a closed-top automobile has, drivers and passengers alike are not nearly as protected in the face of an accident.

    Do convertibles cost more to insure?

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has said that although death rates are not higher in convertibles, a roof is still safer. No matter how you look at it, if you are involved in an accident while riding in a convertible and the car happens to roll over, not having a roof to protect the car’s inhabitants is most likely going to cause much more serious injuries than in an accident that involved a car with a roof.

    While it’s true that convertibles are much safer than they were years ago, they are still lacking some of the protective features commonly found in sedans in the side and overhead sections that are not part of a convertible.

    What is the number one killer of teenagers?

    Statistically speaking, convertible cars only have a small risk — but in the grand scheme of things, it probably isn’t the safest car to choose when purchasing a vehicle for your newly driving teenager. There are much safer vehicles to look at when it comes time for your son or daughter’s first car. Consult the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety list of safest cars for 2019, and take note of the fact that there are no convertibles included in the list.

    However, you might not be the decision-maker if your child is 18 or older and purchasing a car on their own, with their own money. In this case, our team of auto accident attorneys wants to make sure that you, as parents, relay how important safety is to your children for those times when they are either driving or a passenger in, a convertible.

    What are the benefits of wearing a seatbelt?

    Make sure they know to always, always, always wear their seatbelt while riding in a convertible. Yes, this is the standard rule for riding in any car, convertible or not, but it is especially important in a convertible because there is no roof to keep the passengers inside during an accident if the car were to roll over. Not only is it advised to keep all people strapped safely inside the vehicle, but pets should also be restrained so they cannot climb or fall out during the drive. You might want to consider strapping in any valuable belongings that could potentially fall out of the vehicle as well.

    Safest Convertibles

    Despite following safety precautions, accidents can still happen. If you or a loved one has been involved in a convertible car accident, call on our South Florida law firm to help you recover the compensation you deserve for expenses such as medical bills, lost pay, and any other losses due to your accident.

    Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys will always fight to win every case and to maximize every claim, and we want to be able to do this for you in the event you have experienced an accident while riding in a convertible.

    With the Fort Myers auto accident attorney from the law offices of Wolf & Pravato representing you, you will not have to worry about anything other than tending to your own health and recovery from your injuries, whether from the hospital or at home. We will handle all legal battles necessary, and dedicate our time to the work that is needed in order to pursue compensation on your behalf.

    Florida laws may be hard to keep up with on your own, especially when it comes to the rules of the road. It’s a good idea to have a successful, experienced auto accident attorney to explain all of your rights and give you their most expert legal advice.

    Convertibles for Teens

    There are many different circumstances that could have been the cause of your convertible car accident — but no matter what the circumstances, it is crucial to have a Miami car accident lawyer involved from the get-go. Having your lawyer involved from the onset ensures that you meet the limited window wherein you can file your claim, and it also ensures that you are equipped with all the necessary and important information needed. So long as you call a personal injury attorney immediately after your accident has occurred, you will not miss out on a thing.

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