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Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Claims


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    The reasons insurance companies may deny personal injury claims vary. It could be a claimant not understanding the terms of the policy or that the insurance company is attempting to avoid payment of a legitimate claim. A personal injury attorney in Boynton Beach may be able to help if your claim has been denied.

    Claimant Mistakes That Can Lead to a Denied Claim

    Some mistakes a claimant might make are preventable and unnecessarily could delay the process. For instance, filling out the paperwork incorrectly, not submitting the right documentation or submitting a lack of evidence all may delay the process.

    In some cases, claimants may have omitted pertinent information, exaggerated the severity of injuries or were dishonest about facts in the case. It could be that the claimant’s policy had expired, there were exclusions overlooked or the coverage didn’t apply to that particular situation.

    Claims the Insurance Company Wrongly Denied

    Other reasons insurance companies deny personal injury claims are that they simply want to delay the insurance claim process as long as they can or they hope the claimant will just give up and accept any settlement that is offered or won’t push for a settlement at all. It may even allow the insurer opportunity to look for ways to get out of payment.

    It can be hard to believe that anyone would give up, but when the process becomes frustrating and time-consuming, accepting whatever settlement is being offered to ensure something is recovered sometimes can seem like the logical thing to do. Don’t let this happen to you.

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    According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), in 2012 there were 6,864 complaints filed stemming from denied claims . This is one of the top reasons for consumer complaints.

    For help in understanding your legal rights, contact a lawyer at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (561) 536-0505. We can explain how the reasons insurance companies deny personal injury claims may be warranted or not.

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