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12 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer


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    Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer

    Accidents leading to injuries can leave you in a dilemma and desolation. You might face a lot of questions and confusion in your mind including when to hire a personal injury lawyer or questions to ask a personal injury lawyer. When in Florida, you will need to hire the right lawyer so as to get your settlement and recovery from personal injuries.

    Before visiting any lawyer in Florida, you should keep a note of all the questions to ask attorneys about personal injury cases to be sure of the law firm.

    This way, you will get to know the lawyer and the law firm you are working with and make the right decision regarding your personal injury claim. If you are not sure what to ask, we are here to help you.

    Here are the 12 most important personal injury questions which you must ask before hiring any personal injury lawyer in Fort Myers.

    What to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    • What Is Your Area of Expertise?

    The first you need to be sure of is that if the personal injury lawyer holds any expertise or specialization in personal injury law. Can the lawyer fight for you in court?

    Hiring a lawyer with a specialization in personal injury law is crucial in Florida law as they will know how to deal with the insurance companies.

    • What Is Your Experience In Personal Injury Cases?

    The next question to ask the lawyer about the lawsuit is to know the total years of experience. Does your lawyer have the relevant skill? Hence, ask your West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer how long they have been practicing personal injury law in Florida.

    • Have You Dealt With Similar Cases Before?

    Your questions about how to talk to a personal injury lawyer should revolve around the lawyer and your doubts to have a clear picture of whom you are working with.

    A lawyer who has litigated a case similar to yours will know the steps and understand the procedure completely. This way, he will know how exactly to proceed and help you.

    • What are Your Fees?

    A lot of lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and charge different amounts. Hence, ask your lawyer about their charges and see if you can afford the services.

    • What Do You Think About My Case?

    Before moving on to questions to ask an attorney about the settlement, you should get to know the perspective of a personal injury lawyer.

    Upon your explanation of your case, the lawyer will determine the claim value by going through your medical bills, stabs, and general damages. In this way, you will know what and how much to expect.

    • What Is Your Plan For My Case?

    The next step is to know their plan to handle your case. Most of the lawyers in Florida begin by writing letters to the insurance company to seek reimbursement.  The others may decide to go for litigation.

    On getting to know your case, your lawyer should have a plan for you to claim the settlement.

    • How Much Time Will It Take To Solve My Case?

    Every case is different and your lawyer might take more time for you than usual. Hence, it is good to know the timeline, in the beginning, to avoid hiring another lawyer on your case.

    • What Is Your General Assessment?

    Before going for any lawyer, ask them about their honest assessment of your case. An experienced lawyer will be able to tell you if you have any winning chances.

    • What If I Lose?

    This is an important question to ask as some lawyers might charge for any cost they incur regardless of winning or losing the case. Therefore, you should ask them about what happens if you don’t win the case.

    • What Will Be My Participation?

    Some lawyers do not like their clients to be much involved in the case while others might expect participation. Hence, to avoid this dilemma you should ask your lawyer about your responsibility throughout the case.

    • Do I Need to Go to The Court?

    Sometimes settlements take a whole lot of time as insurance companies do not agree. In such a situation, you might want to take your case to trial. However, not all lawyers do that.

    So, ask your lawyer if they are prepared to fight in court if required.

    • Will You Do The Actual Work?

    A lot of lawyers do not handle cases themselves but assign it to the juniors. In this case, you should know whether the lawyer will do it on its own or will give it to some subordinate lawyers.


    Visiting a lawyer for the first time can be a little overwhelming as you will not know what and how to ask. However, these 12 questions will help you in making the right decision. If you are in Florida and looking for an excellent Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, We at the Law Offices of Wolf and Pravato can help you. Reach us here and let us handle your injury cases.

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