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Niagara Bottled Water Recall


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    Niagara Bottled Water Recall

    Summer is in full swing, and with hot summer days comes drinking plenty of fluids, especially bottled water. But we careful.

    The Pennsylvania departments of Agriculture, Environmental Protection, and Health warned spring water bottled by Niagara Water between June 10 and June 18 at its facilities in Hamburg, Berks County or Upper Macungie, Lehigh County should not be consumed because it may be contaminated with E. coli.

    According to the state authorities, Niagara purchased spring water from Far Away Springs-Auburn in Schuylkill County, and multiple water quality sample results from Far Away Springs taken during routine testing have indicated the presence of E. coli in the water.

    The products were sold under the following brand names:

    • Acadia
    • Acme
    • Big Y
    • Best Yet
    • 7-11
    • Niagara
    • Nature’s Place
    • Pricerite
    • Superchill
    • Morning Fresh
    • Shaws
    • Shoprite
    • Western Beef Blue
    • Wegman’s

    For more information, contact Niagara at 877-487-7873, or visit:

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