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Make Sure You Insure!


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    Florida, along with approximately 11 other states and Puerto Rico, requires owners of motor vehicles to carry no-fault insurance.  No fault insurance acts as a safety net, providing partial reimbursement of your medical bills and lost wages incurred as a result of a car accident.  These insurance benefits are available to you even if you caused the accident (thus the name No-Fault!). Certainly, when most folks are balancing their monthly budgets these days, car insurance may not be a priority. Let’s face it:  We need to eat, we need to pay our mortgage or rent, and we need to pay our kid’s ever growing cell phone bill.

    The good news is that you can purchase the least expensive, bare-bones Florida auto insurance policy out there and still comply with the law. The bad news is that if you fail to have this required insurance, then you will be penalized if you are actually in a car accident (whether or not it was even your car involved).  That’s right.  If you own a car and fail to insure it, it could affect any claim for money damages you may have by thousands of dollars.

    So be vigilant.  Make sure you pay your monthly premiums. Shop around and look for the price that best suits your budget.  Whether it’s the gecko’s soothing accent that makes you feel secure, or a caveman, or a pair of hands, or a pile of cash with googly eyes, just make sure you don’t forget to insure. And that’s our stand!


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