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Injured at a Hotel – What are my rights?


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    Injured at a Hotel

    If you were injured on vacation, you may have the right to hold the hotel owner or operator liable for your damages. This may include medical care, lost wages, and more. Property owners must keep their facilities as safe as possible for guests, invitees, and other welcome visitors.

    hotel accidentsIf you sustain injuries in a preventable accident because of a known hazard — or a hazard hotel staff should have known about — you can file a personal injury lawsuit based on Florida’s premises liability laws.

    You Have the Right to Pursue Compensation from a Negligent Hotel Operator

    Florida’s premises liability laws protect invitees, including hotel guests, from the business owner’s negligence. Hotel owners and operators, like other business owners, have a duty to repair or remove any hazards on their property. If the property owner or a representative knew about or should have known about a hazard and failed to act, this is negligence.

    For example, if someone spills a soda in your hotel room and you slip, it will be difficult to hold the hotel operator liable. There is no way for them to know about the recent spill in your room. However, if a tear in the hotel carpet causes your fall, we can likely show that the hotel staff knew or should have known about the condition of the carpet in their facility.

    Accidents That Support Premises Liability Cases in a South Florida Hotel

    Falls are one of the most common causes of injuries in any South Florida business, including hotels. A fall may occur because:

    • Tracked rain or other liquids on the floor
    • Slick flooring
    • Torn carpets, broken tile
    • Uneven floors or sidewalks
    • Poor lighting
    • Uneven stairs
    • Broken or missing stair rails or other handrails

    Other premises liability accidents are also possible in a hotel. This could include:

    • Burns and scalds from hot foods
    • Swimming pool accidents
    • Acts that occur because of a lack of security
    • Elevator accidents
    • Injuries caused by hotel employees

    If a hotel guest suffers injuries and we can tie them to the owner or operator’s negligence, the guest has a right to recover damages through an out-of-court settlement or civil suit. Some common recoverable damages in these cases include:

    • Medical treatment costs
    • Ongoing care costs
    • Lost wages and benefits
    • Diminished earning capacity
    • Property damages, if any
    • Out-of-pocket costs
    • Pain and suffering damages

    Our Attorneys Will Investigate Your Accident and Build a Case for Compensation

    We need to build a strong case to support your pursuit of compensation after a hotel injury accident in South Florida. Our team knows how to conduct a thorough investigation into almost any type of negligence accident, proving the property owner or business operator is liable for your injuries, expenses, and losses.

    Let us get started investigating your case today. As a part of this process, we will:

    • Identify all potentially liable parties and document their role in your case
    • Collect and analyze all possible evidence to show negligence and liability
    • Collect copies of incident reports, reports from first responders, and other documents related to the incident
    • Request any available video of your accident
    • Interview eyewitnesses, when available
    • Work with medical experts, reconstruction specialists, and other experts
    • Get a copy of your relevant medical records to prove the severity of your injuries
    • Document your accident-related expenses and losses

    We Can Handle Your Hotel Accident Case in South Florida

    After an injury accident in a South Florida hotel, you have the right to pursue compensation from a negligent hotel owner or operator. However, if you are not careful, you could jeopardize your right to financial recovery. When you enlist the help of the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato, we can protect your rights and manage all communication about your case.

    injured at a hotelWe understand you have questions and concerns, and you may not know what to expect as your case moves forward. Our team provides support and guidance throughout the legal process. We will walk you through your legal options and help you make the decisions that make the most sense for your case.

    Taking Legal Action

    In some hotel accident injury cases, we can reach an out-of-court settlement with the hotel owner or operator and their insurer. This allows us to get you the payout you need without having to go to court. However, this is not always possible. If we need to file a premises liability lawsuit to get you a fair payout, we will not hesitate to take your case to civil court.

    Talk to a Hotel Accident Injury Lawyer in South Florida

    If you or a member of your family suffered injuries in a South Florida hotel accident, you have the right to pursue compensation from the hotel owner or operator. At the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato, our team offers free case reviews. We can go to work immediately protecting your right to compensation. Let us launch an investigation and build a strong case to support going after the damages you deserve in a vacation lawsuit.

    Call our Fort Lauderdale office today at 954-633-8270 for your complimentary case review.


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