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Hurricane Irma Update: Devastation, Flooding, and Recovery Efforts


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    Hurricane Irma has had a devastating impact on Florida. Now downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, Irma has moved northwest through the southeastern U.S. The storm has weakened, but Florida will be recovering from the storm for months and years to come.

    Florida residents are now returning to the Florida Keys after evacuating. The Florida Department of Transportation says that all 42 bridges in the Keys have been inspected and cleared, but Monroe County officials say gas is limited.

    Many have found their homes destroyed and communities devastated: According to FEMA, a quarter of all homes in the Florida Keys have been destroyed, and 65 percent of homes suffered major damage. About 4.4 million customers—including homes, organizations, and businesses—are still without power in Florida. At least 23 people in the U.S. have died as a result of Irma. This is the first time on record that two Category 4 hurricanes, Irma and Harvey, made U.S. landfalls in the same year.

    On Tuesday, 31 Florida agencies reported that they have already spent nearly $250 million on preparations and recovery efforts. Some airports have reopened with limited operations, and many Florida hospitals are returning to regular operations. According to a preliminary estimate from Moody’s Analytics, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused between $150 billion to $200 billion in damage, comparable to the costs from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Committed to Holding Insurers Accountable For Hurricane Damage Claims

    Going through any hurricane is a traumatic experience, and losing your home can make you feel lost, angry, and hopeless. Not only that, but many insurance companies don’t cover all your damages and undervalue the amount of the claim. After a hurricane, insurance companies are overwhelmed with insurance claims. They might delay, deny, or undervalue your claim, offering you “lowball” repair estimates and settlement offers.

    If your insurance company has wrongfully denied or undervalued your storm damage claim, the personal injury attorneys of Wolf & Pravato will fight for your rights to ensure you get the full and fair compensation you deserve. We represent clients in hurricane insurance disputes involving:

    • Denied claims
    • Underpayment of claims
    • Bad faith dealing
    • Unreasonably delayed payment of claims
    • Structural and foundation repair claims
    • Roof damage
    • Water damage and toxic mold claims
    • Hurricane insurance disputes

    What to do after a hurricane if your home has been damaged:

    If your home or business was damaged, you should take the following steps to ensure your claim is handled promptly:

    • Take photos and video as proof of the hurricane damage
    • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible
    • Keep a list of your contacts with insurance representatives
    • Create a list of all your personal property and furnishings
    • Make basic repairs to prevent further damage
    • Save all paperwork and receipts of expenses and expenditures related to hurricane damage

    Call Today to get the Fair and Full Compensation You Deserve

    If you don’t have adequate property insurance, the skilled personal injury lawyers of Wolf & Pravato can represent you in further efforts to fight your denied or unvalued claim. For years, we have worked with homeowners throughout the process of mediation, settlement negotiations, and other litigation matters.Vincent Pravato

    Wolf & Pravato will aggressively represent your interests so you can secure the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 954-633-8270 for a free consultation so we can help you with your insurance claim dispute. We will ensure that your insurance company is held accountable in your hurricane damage claim, and we are committed to providing the best results possible.

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