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How to Take Down Holiday Decorations Safely


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    Ladders, sharp hooks, electricity – decorating for the holidays can be downright dangerous, and dismantling your holiday cheer can be just as bad. As the time comes to move into the New Year, make sure you stay safe while packing away the decorations for next year. Remember these tips when taking down your decorations:

    • Disposing of the tree: When disposing of the Christmas tree, make sure it is not put anywhere where it could become a fire hazard or where it impedes traffic. Do not burn it for firewood unless first cutting it into appropriately sized pieces.
    • Get rid of the broken stuff. Throw away any strands of lights that are missing bulbs, have exposed wiring or aren’t working. Also make sure you safely dispose of broken glass ornaments and decorations.
    • Ladder safety: Follow ladder weight and placement instructions. Have a “spotter” to hold it for you and to whom you may pass decorations as you take them down.
    • Wear gloves. Put on a pair of work gloves if you’ll be taking down lights or other decorations off of trees or other rough or sharp textures outdoors.
    • Preserve your holiday decorations. Store your decorations in an airtight container and place them in a cool, dry place.

    Take safety seriously whenever putting up your decorations or removing them after the season.

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